I messaged Stardoll a few days ago asking if there was going to be any brands coming out such as Chloe, Versace, Lanvin, etc. And check what they sent me back :

(it also shows what I sent them)
Hi snapple2,
Thank you for your suggestion and your nice comments. We really appreciate it!

We love getting recommendations from our members. It’s the main way that we develop new stuff for the site; figure out what’s not working — or what’s just no fun.

So please keep your suggestions and ideas coming. We forward them to our designers and technicians to check the options on our site.

Kind regards,
The Stardoll Staff

Note: Stardoll Customer Service makes every effort to answer inquiries in received
language. However, we may answer your inquiry in English, which is the
default language for all communications on our site.

You wrote:
Hi Stardoll Staff.

I was wondering if there are ever going to be any brands such as Chloe, Versace, or any other brands coming on Stardoll? They are all gorgeous and I hope they come…

Oh, and I love the Trends For Fall stuff that is coming out! Great job.



It would be fabulous if they bring out some soon! Would you buy it if it did come out? Opinions?


Oh, and today I messaged Stardoll (once again!) asking if they would consider hiring Mario (Dodence_bt). I will keep you updated on that as well. 🙂


Sorry for it all being in writing, I accidentally deleted the actual message, but I had sent it to a few friends (to show them) so I got it from there. 🙂


11 Responses to Awesome!

  1. Melissa54321 says:

    Don’t get your hopes up they right that every time you suggest something

  2. stardollfashionforward says:

    Well, they did bring out some Chanel stuff didn’t they? 😛

  3. stardollfashionforward says:

    But, even if they don’t bring out Chloe, Lanvin or Versace it would be so nice if Mario started working on Stardoll. That would be AMAZING!

  4. Ms.V says:

    I sure hope they’ll bring out Chloe or Versace…

  5. nadine says:

    sorry to burst your bubble but it is an automated message 😦
    i got that when i asked for more rooms.

  6. carica94 says:

    It’s an automated message! I also got the same one. Duhhhh!!!!

  7. VampLady says: most cases they reply like this.. too bad

  8. dodence_bt says:

    Omg, did you really ask them that?
    Wow, thank you soo much, I hope they’ll consider this… 🙂
    Please tell me the answer when they send you a mail. 🙂

  9. Dream Crusher says:

    They message that to everyone when we ask about real brands!

  10. stardollfashionforward says:

    carica94 – evidently I didn’t know. So no need to say ‘Duhhhh!!!!’.

    Yep. I really asked them. (:

    Will do.

  11. MollyMasquerade says:

    i hope they do consider it!
    lets just keep our things crossed that they dont turn out like the fake chanels though!

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