Gift Dresses..

Many Of You May Already Know How To Get The 4 Gift Dresses Through Changing Your Email Adresses Or Creating New Account. Well For Those Who Dont We Will Explain. Credit Goes To Stardoll Club Free.Stuff For Giving Out The Instructions.

1. Change Your Country To USA

2. Create A New Email Adress (Such As Hotmail, Yahoo. It HAS To Be Valid, No Fakes)

3. Change Your Email On Stardoll To The New One You Have Just Created, You Will However Need To Verify This Email Address On Your OLD Email And Then Again On Your New Email.

4. The Next “Stardoll” Day, The Email (NOT Dollmail) Will Arrive Asking You To Choose From 4 Dresses.

However, Some People Have Been Experiencing Problems When Having To Verify Email Addresses, If You Cannot Verify Your Email This Means You Do Not Recieve 1 Stardollar A Day So Be Careful.

If You Do Not Want To Get The Dresses This Way, You Can Also Make A New Stardoll Account And After 3 Days You Will Get The Same Email For The Dresses. If You Have Any Questions Then Contact Me On Stardoll šŸ™‚



37 Responses to Gift Dresses..

  1. Rini4e says:

    Umm..I already have accounts on my Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail. Anything else?

  2. B says:

    I see this instead:
    “You have Not confirmed your email address.
    Confirm your email address and receive 25 Free Stardollars!”

    Does this mean no more free dress for changing email addresses, I wonder?
    (Also, I don’t think you need to change younr country to USA.)

  3. MadameChanel--x says:

    Thanx, 4 that post, much appreciated..=]

  4. Helen says:

    Yes, I have the same problem as B.

  5. stardollfashionforward says:

    Hmm.. I Will Try It Again And Get Back To You About This Problem :). x

  6. 3smellyangel7 says:

    how do u verify your email

  7. Kiya says:

    I also have the same issue as B. I wonder if my new e-mail address isn’t confirmed, will the $1 a day stop?

  8. B says:

    I must clarify–

    I haven’t had problems with email verification yet. And you said it takes one stardoll day for the gift to arrive, so I’m still waiting for it. I should be able to tell whether it worked by tonight.

    What I’m wondering is, are we just going to get $25 now instead of the dress?

  9. not-perfect111 says:

    You have to check your old email and the new one.And you’re not going to receive 25 stardollars.

  10. Kersit says:

    I’m not getting the letter with confirmation(

  11. Beatrix.Luna says:

    I can’t change my e-mail =\

  12. mirty6 says:

    I’ve confirmed everything and I’ve gotten my sd a day. However I haven’t yet received any doll mail =( I shall wait though XD

    And big thanks to Xmissy.dX for sharing first those info. Poor girl she’s being pestered with members complaining they can’t confirm. šŸ˜¦

  13. UndamyUmbrellla says:

    I got the letter but it’s blank. It says:

    Congratulations Undamyumbrellla, we have a free gift for you!

    And then there is nothing else šŸ˜¦

  14. UndamyUmbrellla says:

    Never mind! I got the dress! Come see my closet!!

  15. amyvivas says:

    UndamyUmbrellla HOW DO YOU DO IT?

  16. Gabby says:

    help plz! i dont get the mail!!

  17. EternityMagazine says:

    People. be patient.
    SFF explained everything clearly. You must be more attentive – you get the first letter on your old mail, and it takes some time.Just wait, no panic! šŸ˜‰

  18. Duckie says:

    Um I did everything except change my country (I already live in US) but it won’t work, maybe u have to wait more than a day?

  19. qtjoy1 says:

    Everyone, I had the same problem when I changed the email on my and Lou’s spare account. I did not receive a confirmation email at either the old email OR the new one, although I requested a resend like 5 times. Now it’s unverified, which annoys me lol. I think it must be just another Stardoll problem – we’ll just have to wait and be patient! šŸ™‚

  20. anna says:

    DO you have to be superstar to do it?

  21. -Diamondz- says:

    I done all of those steps about 2 days ago, and nothing?

    I didn’t change my country though.. does that matter?

  22. naomi_b says:

    well i dont know my new email id is verified but i hv not recievd d mail yet

  23. Ms.V says:

    Hey thanks!

  24. Naween says:

    tnx for this post.. I really want the dresses and I just have 3 of them =))) and now try to get one for my sister šŸ˜‰

  25. JNP587 says:

    In my case it took, like it’s mentioned in the first post, a ( 24 Hr StarDoll time zone)day to get the e-mail confirmation and I was able to get 2 dresses ( green and black):)
    and no you don’t need to change ur Country.
    Thanks SDFF for this awesome *Tip*
    another *free* gift Tip I got from the Free.Stuff Club( awesome club, too!)..change ur Country to Great Britain and you’ll get a book, click the lock on the book and u’ll be redirect to a *Castle* once there you’ll get a necklace!
    Hope it works for you all šŸ™‚
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  26. -Diamondz- says:

    Woo, It worked.
    It took two stardoll days for my email to come šŸ™‚

  27. aishakiara says:

    Hello, i get a dress, if you want to see dress come on my page, my nickname is aishakiara. I want ask, if you can get all 4 dresses, if you do that all again. Please answer me. BYE AND THANKS !!

  28. Kar says:

    I forgot my old email!!!
    What do I do?????

  29. Diamond.Lady says:

    I’m very impatiently waiting for it. šŸ™‚

  30. Mushkaa says:

    I have links for that dresses. that you don’t need to change your email.

  31. Swedish_Hilton says:

    Thanks, it works =)

  32. Katie says:

    When do you get the mail about the dresses on your stardoll mail?

  33. Swedish_Hilton says:

    Katie, you get the offer on your mail adress, hotmail or whatever, not the stardoll one =)

  34. magnommagazine says:

    will it work now?

  35. Victoria says:

    It doesn’t work now, too many people did it. Luckily, I found the link on some site, but I can’t find it now. But I have the lime green one, look at my suite! My name is Aquamarina on Stardoll.

  36. Sabrina says:

    i found out something
    my e-mail wouldnt work either..
    i changed it..
    but then..
    i changed my country..
    and press send AGAIN
    and it worked.
    if it helps.
    plese try.
    i dont know if it will work for you.
    but it did to me.
    For Ex.
    my country was Canada & I changed it to usa. i pressed send me antoher e-mail and it worked.
    if this helps you yay!

    Stardoll user: az_gurlxx

  37. Lilly Allen says:

    Thank you!

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