Step By Step Guide..

Everyone Seems To Be Having Trouble Verifying Emails And So On, So Heres A Step By Step Guide With Pictures To Help. I Did It And It Took About 2 Mins, You Just Need To Read Carefully.

Step 1

After You Have Created A New Email Adress Enter It On The “My Account” Page.


Step 2

On Your OLD Email Address, You Will Get A Message From Stardoll. You Need To Click On The Link Underlined For It To Verify.


Step 3

The Link Will Send You To A New Page And Will Show This…


Step 4

On Your NEW Email Address, Stardoll Wil Send You A Message With Annother Link. Click On The Link To Verify.


Step 5

Once Verified You Will Be Taken To This Page


After ONE Stardoll Day, Which Starts When There Is A New Covergirl, You Should Get The Email On Your NEW Email Address.


27 Responses to Step By Step Guide..

  1. Jenna says:

    It wasn’t that easy for me because for some reason, every time I change my email adress, it takes about 3-4 hours or more for the email to be sent to me.

  2. Rini4e says:

    I followed your istructions..I’m keeping my fingers crossed for 2morrow!

  3. qtjoy1 says:

    As I said in my comment to the post below this one…I changed it on my and Lou’s spare something like 11 hours ago, and still, no verification email has arrived :S From what I heard I’m not the only one who’s had this problem, so I think Stardoll’s having problems as usual!

  4. lilichigo says:

    i did this all yesterday, and confirmed the email, but i haven’t got the email with the free dress :/

  5. StyleWatch_ says:

    Do you have to be superstar to get the free dress? ‘Cus I’m not superstar anymore, cry-cry!


  6. i tried it too but no email. well see tommorrow. maybe they caught on.

  7. Kiya says:

    I only got up to step four. And I still haven’t gotten a link from my old e-mail to other my new one. It been 3 days now.

  8. Kiya says:

    I don’t have the e-mail white box, where I can changed it anymore. That’s why it may not be working..

  9. Pocketful says:

    lilichigo I have the same problem as you. I confirmed my email yesterday as well but I still don’t have a email from Stardoll with the free dresses yet :s

  10. Loophole says:

    I got a book from stardoll with the dress :]

  11. juli says:




  12. I did all of this
    Confirmed my email && everything

    It’s been two days && I still haven’t gotten anything

  13. Dei(To_Royal) says:

    I can’t remember how I did mine ,I just know that that was years ago lol

  14. Episode says:

    It works with me, i have my dress! :]

  15. Kiya says:

    Almost four days, and I haven’t gotten any thing from any e-mails. Now I think, I can’t even get my $1 a day back. If this is a stardoll issue, I hope it gets fixed soon.

  16. gumby_rox101 says:

    Thankx. Its Been A Day. Im Waiting… I Got It On My Non-SS Account But I Cant Make It SS So I Just Gotta Wait.

  17. clarissima91 says:


  18. Alfie says: worked thanks so much!

  19. mirty6 says:

    Hmm I read in a club that you need to invite a friend to stardoll to get the dress (say: make a e-mail account, send an invite to it and make a new account)

    Has anyone heard of it and does it work?

  20. kreimi says:

    Yeah, I’m in the same situation like Kiya :(:(

  21. tinkerbells says:

    i think they have some problems sending the email verification to hotmail and yahoo…. i made a couple of new accounts (with hotmail and yahoo mail adress)and i still waiting for the email verification…; try with a gmail account u will receive it at the moment!!

  22. evangeline79 says:

    I have the same problem like Kiya

  23. Kiya says:

    I used yahoo mail for most of them. So maybe I’ll try it again with gmail. Maybe it will show up..? If not it must be a technical problem with yahoo or stardoll.

  24. bombonik01 says:

    I didn’t get my e-mail with the dress,altough i did everything according to the guide!

  25. I did it and it worked!
    I got the Green dress!

  26. Cora11 says:

    but i forgot my old password CRYYYY

  27. Calllie says:

    I can’t waaah PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP MEEEE! Lou please …. I’m gonna die :@

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