Gorgeous stuff :D


Me again, Steelone, posting some new stuff coming soon. The whole collection has very good quality and looks really nice, maybe too much for normal users. It might be a new RC, maybe a surprise of Stardoll? Tell us!



57 Responses to Gorgeous stuff :D

  1. Episode says:

    I saw the pieces and i love them!
    I hope they release it in the Starshop! :]

  2. lady.lora says:

    ooh i love :]

    looks fun, girly..
    perfect for parties


  3. sinbabee says:

    I guess its something about new year party,its a new shop i guess…all new spoilers are sooo cute 🙂

  4. _x_x_Emma_x_x_ says:

    Gorgeous stuff 🙂
    I like the way you presented it 🙂

  5. ...SingStar... says:

    I think that the dress is the same expect with different colours to the ornage one

  6. arna-rut says:

    Its probably Faith Hill RC.
    Here is a poster of her with one of the dresses on

    The dress;

  7. arna-rut says:

    And since she has one of them on, i guess the rest is for her 😦

  8. stardollfashionforward says:

    Me And Steelone Were Praying To God That These Arent Going To Be Given To Faith Hill.. Lol. There Too Gorgeous To Go To Waste 😛

  9. sweetviksi says:


  10. Dei(To_Royal) says:

    I hope that they are for us!!!
    Or that there will be a contest, or SOMETHING!!!

  11. The wings belongs to Doutzen Kroes and I think they will be released to us…
    Hey I couldn get my Voile Gift by the way u teached us, could u sell me one and make another one for u?

  12. Maybe they made new well-designed gift dresses?? Maybe for christmas, but I think that somethings will definitly be for Faiths RC, Like the piano and the pink dress…

  13. See_my_bling says:

    i think the spotted dress is marc jacobs.

  14. lulinha says:


  15. Kiya says:

    I see the V.S ANGEL wings maybe it’s from the model.

  16. Mike says:

    :O STUNNING!!!!

  17. Diamond.Lady says:

    OMG, sooooo pretty! I’m excited!

  18. cltreanor says:

    OMG its the marc by marc jacobs dress !!!!
    YAY oh i do hope they come to the starplaza

  19. tinkerbells95 says:

    omg i love those things ! ❤

  20. not-perfect111 says:

    I think the dress with yellow spots is from the new DKNY collection! xD Just a supposition =D

  21. not-perfect111 says:

    I also checked the spoiler stuff and Christmas items are coming soon! =) I’m so happy! =D

  22. Smoothielove says:

    Wow! Gorgeous things! (:

  23. Pocketful says:

    They are now in the shop! I got them almost all :’)

  24. lady.lora says:

    OMG its out now and everything is so cheap!like $4 for the dsses
    $1 for shoes and bags

    i bought it all 😛

  25. emma says:

    the clothes are so gorgeous and cheap 😀
    i bought almost everything!!

  26. ntemisfe says:


  27. Kayla says:

    The clothes are so nice and cheap, but I cant buy them!! 😦
    It says item cannot be found or something like that 😦

  28. naddii says:

    I’ve just tried to buy it all but it said it was unavailable 😦 WHATS GOOING ON? 😮

  29. Clairtjuh01 says:


  30. Tyrall says:

    I bought them all, now they are gone, damn I wish I had Emmas number…:/

  31. lizzie1393 says:

    just as i was ready to buy it all they took them all away! =[

  32. Shianne says:

    They come out, but then they left. They were all under 4sd and non superstars!

  33. Aquamarine01 says:

    Stardoll did it again. They were on sale like 30 minutes 🙂
    See my suita and you see the stuff 🙂

  34. ciocia_wiedzma says:

    They are no longer in the store. There has been only for a moment. Maybe it presents the Advent calendar?

  35. BlahBlah says:

    I saw them today for a moment. They were so cool and so cheap!

  36. Tulip9 says:

    The wings are from the doutzen kroes doll. Maybe more Heidi Klum? She did Victoria’s secrets didn’t she?

  37. comediesmusicales says:

    I Have the two dresses, the bag and the wings

  38. comediesmusicales says:

    my stardoll name is : Cecilia-Cara

  39. marcia256 says:


  40. Yasas10 says:

    They came and now have been removed!
    By the way, they were all $1-$4! 😦

  41. pinkswirls says:

    I got them all.
    When it came.[In my suite]
    Now, there gone.
    They were so cheap.

  42. kitty says:

    i have lot of them visit me youngsweetgirl

  43. juli says:


    WHAT PAGE ??

  44. Biityy says:

    It was at shop this afternoon , i want to die !
    Cause when i saw that it was cheeeaaap !
    I can’t bought cause didn’t have money , i wait and now it dissapear , i think it’s going to be expansive :SSSSS

  45. mirty6 says:

    It’s been released for few hours this afternoon (europe!)

    And best of it…it was for NON-SUPER. too! =P

    Anyway if it said that the item could not be bought you should have tried again! It did that to me, so I removed one item, and I managed to buy the rest. Then I came back in starplaza and bought just fine the item I had removed.

  46. wilting-daisies says:

    i bought almost everything! 😀 i think they’re for the calender though.

  47. Verojun says:

    the clothes are for the adventcalender that’s gonna start in december, so if you didn’t had the chance to buy them today, don’t worry they will be back 🙂

  48. jenminne says:

    Sucks I didn’t pay attention to the Starplaza,
    Now I’ve gotta wait about 23-24 days for the items to arrive back.
    But oh well.

  49. fababi says:

    WOW! They are GORGOUS! 😀

    Maybe new hot buys? :0

  50. My stardoll name > .BrokenHeart. says:

    The winner of the competiton from Miss Holland has other clothes? Its all for 1? Take a look at Pocketful’s suite.. 😉

  51. Calllie says:

    Yeah they will be back but they will be in a doble price And I don’t think some of them will be free like they have been last night And only american can get them because In the others countries that hour Is a little crazy for sitting at stardoll aggrh

  52. Kaz1996 says:

    The wings look like Victoria Secret, so it could be a model. Miranda Kerr maybe?

  53. maguito94 says:

    so i dont get it the cloths will be back at the starplaza

  54. -Diamondz- says:

    The faith hill dress is in the starplaza,
    but for an expensive $15 🙂

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