Holiday Gifts..

Here At Stardoll Fashion Forward We Are Uber Excited That Stardoll Is Giving Us A Fabulous Selection Of Gifts For The Holiday Season. When Me And Steelone Were Looking Through The Clothes, She Suggest That They Were Christmas Related But I Immediately Doubted That. Well Turns Out I Was Wrong And Stardoll Seems To Be In A Genourous Mood, Especially Since They Released The Clothes Yesterday For An Hour. A Habbit Stardoll Have Yet To Get Rid Of.. So Anyone Who Didnt Manage To Grab The Clothes Yesterday Like Me There Is Hope 😀

And Just To Clear This Up For Anyone Who Has Already Bought Items And Thinks They Will Be Given Away For Free In The Calender.. The Prices That You Bought Them For WILL Stay The Same In The Calender.

Anyway.. Onto The Fashion Side Of These Clothes.. As I Was Browsing Through Net-A-Porter I Came Across Some Of The Calender Items..


These Gorgeous Items Are From Miu Miu..

These Dates Are From My Sources And I Hope They Dont Let Me Down 😛

Dress – Released 5th December $4

Shoes – Released 3rd December $1

Clutch – Released 6th December $1

If Anyone Wants To Know The Rest Of The Release Dates So You Can Make Sure You Dont Miss An Item You Really Want Then Drop Me A Message On Stardoll.. Or I May Post A List On Here. However I Dont Want To Ruin The Suprise 😛 (Well Stardoll Kinda Did That Yesterday :D)


17 Responses to Holiday Gifts..

  1. qtjoy1 says:

    MUCH better than that crap in the 2007/8 calendar! 😀

  2. not-perfect111 says:

    This year’s gifts look amazing.The last year’s one were awful. :S

  3. Music.Junkie-x says:

    Don’t Mind Me Asking, But How Did You Get The $15 Early?

  4. Ms.V says:

    This year-gorgeous!
    Last year-crap…

  5. AC Viper says:

    xlou, i need to tell you something, but i dont know what’s your email address. mine is

  6. -Maybe- says:

    I am mad at stardoll, since almost every beautiful clothes are superstar, but now I find hope for all of us non-superstars. Thank you, stardoll! 😀

  7. stardollfashionforward says:

    Ive Emailed You 🙂

  8. thestardollinsiders says:

    hmm, I’d like to know the dates for each item 😛

  9. aishakiara says:

    So this will be in advent calendar ? I wanna ask if it will be some stuff in 1. december can you buy that other day or other week? Thanks, bye.

  10. wiltoncake says:

    What about the wings? From Doutzen Kroes? Will those be in the advent calendar as well?

  11. Katie says:

    I got really mad, because during that hour, when I tried to buy the clothes it said there was an error!

  12. *rose*rose-cat says:

    HOLY COW!!!! I wasnt expecting this… after the last few years of the calaner I was just looking forward to the stardollers at the end of the calander ( Which stardoll ended up not letting people who got it in the year 06 get the stardollers in 07 which in my opinion wasnt right ) Anywho… I was just looking forward to junk again this year, and I missed the hour that it was realesed yesterday so… I cant wait… @_@ Will it be for non-superstars too? Because last year there was quite a few gifts only for superstar ( Like the belt )

  13. SiSi says:

    i want it now 😀

  14. Calllie says:

    What a calendar?And what a 15$ ? Why nobody tels me nothing

  15. Michelle says:

    where do you find the calender?

  16. jasumiani says:

    This is awsome.I’m about to become superstar and i will buy
    these knew cool clothes and they are so cool!!:D better than the old ones that we used to have in 2007.

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