IMPORTANT! Calendar Items!

Thank You To Saku Who Let Us Know That Some Calendar Items CAN Still Be Bought In The Starplaza..

If You Do Not Want To Wait Then We Will Tell You What To Do..

Search Pink Or Pink And Blue To Get The Wings, Pink Shoes And Face T-Shirt


Search Dresses And Black To Get Glitter Black Dress, Belted Party Dress And Gathered Bustier Dress


Search Dresses And Blue To Get The Winter Fairy Dress


Search Dresses And Purple To Get The Princess Bustier Dress


Search Jackets To Get The Miu Miu Jacket


Search Tops And White To Get The Pony T-Shirt


Search Red And You Can Find Holiday Dress, Pink Shoes And Quilted Handbag


The Remaining Items Are Unable To Be Found


43 Responses to IMPORTANT! Calendar Items!

  1. Calllie says:

    OMG!That is awesome I’m so happy!Thank Saku and SFF

  2. Mushkaa says:

    I think I will wait… 🙂 that’s more interesting to wait for Christmas

  3. Rini4e says:

    SQUEEEE!!!!!!!!! Sorry, but now I have to go and buy the Winter Fairy dress. Or smthing else 😉

  4. annalaura says:

    Wow, it’s great, thank you very much!
    But I want to add that, that brand you call Mui Mui is maybe called Miu Miu in real – at least that brand I know.

  5. dianushk says:

    Will the prizes be the same in the calender?

  6. Mimi_mami says:

    Nice 😀

    I will wait for the calendar though

  7. stardollfashionforward says:

    Thanks I Didnt Realise I Had Mispelt It 😛

  8. kelsey_diamond says:

    Thankuuuuu! Made up :Dxxx

  9. yoooo says:

    i bought the purple dress and i regret it! i should have waited for the calendar!!!
    😦 🙂

  10. MollyMasquerade says:

    Thanks so much 🙂
    Please take a look at my site:

  11. sweetviksi says:


  12. thestardollinsiders says:

    You can also find the red dress! 😀
    And yes,dianushk, I think the prizes will be the same on the calendar.

  13. Dei(To_Royal) says:

    I love this bloooooooooooogggggg!!!!!!

  14. Episode says:

    Thanks! I bought them 🙂

  15. Katee/Annakin says:

    Thanks! I couldn’t wait and i bought them already! Also

    black, white and dress, page 9 the black and white dress is there

  16. Katee/Annakin says:

    Sorry didn’t see that but they already have that dress! 😀

  17. LTsushi says:

    yeah… you have just ruined christmas calendar;<

  18. stardollfashionforward says:

    Unless I Hold A Gun To Your Head And Force You To Buy The Items.. How Can The Calendar Be Ruined? 🙂

  19. thestardollinsiders says:

    ruined the surprize I guess, but that’s not your fault, it’s Stardolls fault to have released them in Starplaza!

    Was gonna say the pink bag aswell, but I see you’ve already added it 🙂


  20. olina231 says:

    Bought the most!

  21. Kiya says:

    Well those are not all, the items on the calendar. So it could still be a surprise to some. Including me since I didn’t see all of them the 1st time.

  22. jenminne says:

    Thanks so much!.

  23. minty100 says:

    Thats awsome!
    But since im not superstar im going to wait bcuz right now i have 10 stardollars, im saving up!

  24. someone says:

    tnx so much sff!!!i bought everything i’m glad i don’t have to wait so long for all days in calendar:)

  25. stardollxchic says:

    thanks so much! 😀

  26. *rose*rose-cat says:

    I’m gonna wait for the calander, its definetly more fun 🙂

  27. Rachweee123 says:

    Thanks, Now I Don’t Have To Log In Every Day!

  28. i rather wait for the calender. its more exciting unlocking new stuff everyday it gets me in the christmas spirit year after year

  29. K.Jonas says:

    But I see there is a scarf for HOLA.
    Are they bringing it back?
    I bought the MUI MUI dress 🙂

  30. MishMashMelee says:

    I CAN’T ddecide. The blue dress, or the black party dress. PLEASE help!! I have only 4 stardollars and I don’t know! LOL

  31. juliothedork says:

    it’s not letting me buy them can someone please message me under this username on stardoll for help?

  32. yummy_strawberry says:

    help me! it doesn’t work!

  33. yummy_strawberry says:

    help me it doesn’t work!

  34. Ms.V says:


  35. cheer_amanda says:

    is it only for December? yeay then! save up money guys!

  36. xxLLISSAA says:

    Thanks alot, honestly. You guys are awsome.
    Peace and Love.

  37. juliothedork says:

    The silver glitter shoes are up now under the popular tab.

  38. alicia_iz says:

    it doesn’t work anymore O_O

  39. oxmollyxo says:

    Lol. I logged on that hour and didn’t even realise they had these clothes up. But I did buy a few things and went on the next day looking for it on another one of my accounts and couldn’t find them. Now I know why.

  40. oxmollyxo says:

    Oh and also. Can someone please comment me through Stardoll letting me know when the Advent Calendar will be up! Thanks so much!

  41. carmenchu11 says:

    Oh Thanks! I just cant find the wings…

  42. didi_ps says:

    I can’t find the wings

  43. Wimpey_google says:

    Stardoll, Stardoll, Stardoll, When will you ever learn!

    BTW They Entered All Calender Items Into The Shops The Day Before the Calender Launched For 5 Minutes. We Still Have A Heart Mobile To Come And Another T-shirt.

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