Important!! Limited Edition!

Today I Bought Every Single Limited Edition Item Believing I Would Be Owning Some Of The Rarest Clothes On Stardoll. However, Throughout The Day My Excitement Has Crumbled Into Major Disappointment.

Not Only Have Stardoll Been Selling MORE Items Than First Advertised There Have Also Been Some Major Glitches!

I Know How Many Of Each Item Are Left, And There Are Currently 65,535 Studded Motorcycle Jackets LEFT!!!


Not Only Was This Supposed To Be The Rarest Item, It Is Also The Most Expensive! I WANT MY MONEY BACK STARDOLL!!!! >_<!!!


54 Responses to Important!! Limited Edition!

  1. My-shop says:

    omg i am gutted i spent $1800 or maybe more and a bag even went missing! grrr now i am broke lol i wish they were just honest the prices are thru the roof for stuff thats not rare:S

  2. taloulaaa says:

    i wont allow me to buy ANY of the items!
    they’ll be all gone before i get it
    it just pops up as “technical problems”!
    i’ve had to write to stardoll

    taloulaaa xx

  3. Loophole says:

    😦 that so sucks 😦

  4. blackmambayeah says:

    I think the price of the new clothes are very very very very very!!! expensive, i dont wish that clothe

  5. sosoroxxi196 says:

    lou don’t be sad it’s not truth i think stardoll has a problem in the store cos everything was it’s will finish but know they r so many items left i think that stardoll has but all the items are sell in this jacket i feel i’m stupied saying this but maybe it could happen who know??



    sosoroxxi1996 xoxo……

  6. Robinbird00 says:

    i asked for a refund. Im already really mad at stardoll but this just pushes me over the edge. God if they dont give me a refund someone’s getting their asses kicked from here to kingdom come

  7. mirty6 says:

    hmm however the tights have disapperaed (they have a X on them in starplaza)

  8. Dora says:

    What the shiznit?! Oh maaan!!

  9. stardollxchic says:

    i really don’t care about how rare they’ll be once they’re gone. i just bought stuff i like and that i thought was worth the price (which turned out to be the black berry jacket and the black pencil skirt). i was going to buy the jeans but when i tried them on they looked more like capris. i don’t really think that anything else for sale is that great. i’m still just looking (and saving up my money!) for the new DKNY. THEN i’ll buy everything! πŸ˜€

  10. My-shop says:

    i think its panic over i got more stardollars and tried to buy the jacket it wont let me even tho its showing as there being loads of them available

  11. stardollfashionforward says:

    Lol I Dont Know What To Think Anymore >_<

  12. qtjoy1 says:

    OMFG i’m furious!!! now I only have 20sd left on my main account…and Lou has spent so much on herself and her friends… 😦 I’m going to ask for a refund too!

  13. Pynx says:

    I had problems, too. I bought a bunch of Stardollars to buy up a bunch of stuff, and it kept not actually getting purchased…it would show the money as gone, but when I got to my suite the items weren’t there and my money was back. I finally got a couple things to work, but they weren’t what I originally wanted. And it wasn’t that it was sold out, either. Stardoll messed up on this big time. I think everyone who is on record as having bought Stardollars should be refunded.

  14. B says:

    UGH I went to buy more stardollars, and after coming back I couldn’t buy some of the items anymore. It’s really annoying :\

    I have a question for those who bought the now sold-out items. Do you see them on your “Can sell in StarBazaar now” list? Not that anyone in their right mind would sell $200+ items at $60, but I’m just wondering if I would ever see these items popping up in StarBazaar.

    I really wish SD would restock these items ’cause that was just too fast. The *one* day I decide not to check up on Stardoll and study for exams, this happens. W.T.F.

  15. Verojun says:

    i think it’s the meanest thing Stardoll has ever done, i mean : first they tell us that they are Rare but expensive, so i buy them and than the site keeps restocking the clothes so that they’re not rare at all. And than on the homepage they say “the season of giving”, yeah right, we giving to them, it should be the other way, damn you stardoll lol πŸ˜›

  16. JolieFille423 says:

    The way to fight prices is to not buy something if you think it’s too expensive. If stardoll realizes that no one is buying the items, they’re forced to reduce prices. How do you think regular retailers select items to markdown for clearance? Because the demand isn’t there for that particular item and they need to make room for items that will sell.

  17. lulinha says:

    I HATE stardoll now =(

  18. qtjoy1 says:

    Guys, I just heard from my friend that although it LOOKS like there are heaps of the motorcycle jacket left…she can’t even buy it! So we shouldn’t worry too much. As long as we all got some items we love!! πŸ™‚ And they will be rare anyway – relatively fewer people will have bought them since they are SO expensive!! So relax!!

  19. B says:

    Ok I have to ask —

    Where are people getting the idea that Stardoll is restocking the items? ‘Cause I can’t even pull out the soldout items from LE display, and the ones I did manage to buy have the number on them (i.e. 170/200). Is it past experience??

    I personally want these items to be restocked. I don’t think they’ll keep it for a month or anything anyways, but I don’t want to have to chase these items on StarBazaar either, on top of everything else I’m still looking for (i.e. MKA RC… *le sigh*.)

  20. I’m very glad I did not give any of my money to stardoll for this collection. I wave a feeling they will NOT be putting prices so high ever again. So many people have asked for refunds its not even funny. So lou maybey everything will work out, and in a couple months you’l have a super rare item that nobody bought ( Since the bar doesnt seem to be going anywhere ) I hope everything works out for you Lou!

  21. ugh…i cant wait till that store closes.

  22. juliothedork says:

    My tights and black leggings are missing 😦

  23. bridget88 says:

    Seriously, it’s stupid to just buy them because they are going to be rare. I don’t even like most of them.

    Why were people complaining about Philosophy’s prices if they can buy all this stuff?

  24. hey i made some tights just like them, woohoo…..LOL

  25. qtjoy1 says:

    Philosophy is different. This LE collection was supposed to be LIMITED…only 100-350 were supposed to have each item. If there were more than that, then it’s not fair on us!!

  26. fababi says:

    Iam a superstar and brought 1 item scince the items are overly expensve!

  27. mirty6 says:

    To those who asked:

    I bought the sparkle tube top (black), which is sold out at the moment and I CAN’T sell it in starbazaar. (not that I wish to =P )

  28. monroe... says:

    If yo have bought an item of the LE clothing, please join my club Limited-Edition because we are catalouging the numbers on your item t prove to stardoll that they restocked, so when you fins an item with the same number you have on your item, contact Me, x.missy.dx or xLou26, and we will talk to you, and contact Stardoll claiming our money back πŸ™‚

  29. 3smellyangel7 says:

    i really didnt know what to buy as i only had85 stardollars so i went to buy the tights becuase they said there was loads left so i clicked on the buy button and suddenly it went so i had to buy something more expensive so now im broke and cant buy the new hotbuys

  30. -Cooldude says:

    I feel so sorry for you xD

    I only bought 1 item, thinking they would be rare!

  31. Shishu95 says:

    i didn’t buy ANYTHING from LE. i just became a superstar, and I’m incredibly frugal with my money at the momeny πŸ™‚

  32. pinkswirls says:


    I just bought the jacket and stardoll took my money and its not in my suite!


  33. Hunnigall says:

    I spent around 450 Stardollers on LE clothing. It would’ve been more if it wasn’t for the fact that Stardoll wouldn’t let me buy that damned jacket!

    – Hunni x x x

  34. Evita says:

    OMG!! I hope that it can be checked!! Come on Stardoll give the consumer fair go!!!

  35. Adina_8394 says:

    Uh, I am not a superstar, but when I will be I will buy these clothes! I think they r not so expensive soz for example ppl can give 1000 sd for DKNY heart blouse, 700 for scuba/sky… So, I wanna be a SS now! Or everthing will go!

  36. x-a-n-n-i-e-x says:

    OMG! the prices are stupid!
    i cant believe it!!

    i have never had the much and probs never will!

  37. LaLa says:

    Im really confused , the one day I didnt go on stardoll all these amaazing clothes are released. I can only buy 1 top because all the rest have red crosses , does that mean I can never buy them?
    Also they’re waaay over priced 150 is what I spent over like 2-3 months!

  38. The jacket is gone now…. its not there!!! >_<
    So lou… your jacket IS rare now!!!

  39. x.spiderpig.x says:

    This is ridiculous! they didn’t even warn us they were coming out!
    I live in Australia so I was ASLEEP when all these clothes came out;
    & I didn’t get a chance to buy themm.

  40. Rachweee123 says:

    Lol, I Only Bought The Belt.

  41. Evita says:

    Hi, I wonder if we have up date to ‘IF’ the Bazar, will be allowing the members to sell their clothes for more than 60sd because the price of the recent releases are 5-6times more than that, they can be currently offered and are no longer, available in store??When will the transition happen?? Will there be a increase??

  42. ranodm says:

    i want u to no the jaket is taken off the market full how ever brough have them

  43. Lextergal says:

    I can’t believe they charge so much, AND the clothing is just vanishing! I was a superstar for about a year or so and I am not anymore, but when I was it wouldnt’t even let me buy anything. All of the clothing had red X’s across their prices. What the heck!

  44. harrietooo-x says:

    and i thought philosiphy was expensive!
    i didnt get any LE clothes because my computer
    chose the day when they were selling them to completely
    mess up!
    and now stardoll isnt letting me get stardoolers!
    furk u stardoll!

  45. cheer_gurl98788 says:

    omg! how du u even buy da clothes!!?? it wont let me everytime i go on da page, they havce big X’s across da costs and it wont let me buy it!! is this part of da glitch!!!??? HELP!! I WANT THOSE CLOTHES!! AND YES I AM A MEMBER!

  46. Smiley says:

    i tell you all who is most probably doing this: callie.stardoll she gets the stardollars not stardoll! im annoyed i can’t buy any of limited edition it has a red cross on the price tag 😦 help! add me: leiia.x

  47. Smiley says:

    its soo annoying, shall i email deeem? :@

    i do know why they add 1 stardollar on for selling in starbazaar it goes to callie.stardoll!!!!!! how dare HE… it’s a man even look on myspace his name is jim cocaine well known as jim gordon!! NO LIE

  48. Baby-Lovr says:

    i didn’t even buy something from this clothes. i think they are expencive, and not the most pretty clothes

  49. Blissss says:

    Come visit me, Blissss on stardoll πŸ™‚ Check out my suite!

  50. Kathryn says:

    I kinda find it funny how everyones complaining about the price of LE and how they have no money left but isn’t that because you CHOSE to buy it? I don’t mean to sound harsh but it seems like thats what everyone is doing lol. And also, when it comes up saying theres loads of items (like in the picture), its a stardoll error. There are not that many at all, the glitch most commonly meant the item was sold out, It was that or some error occured in the stardoll system but once they fixed it, there were only a few items remaining which you could buy if you kept an eye on it. So there were never extra items sold. And everyone should stop being mad at stardoll, you chose to buy LE and they did fix the glitches. If it came up saying there were loads of items or that there was a technical problem, the item was most likely sold out so it wasn’t stardolls fault, you were just too late. That or it was a glitch that needed to be fixed. The glitch wouldn’t affect you though because noone else could buy it either so everyone else was in the same boat. So you just needed to wait for it to be fixed before you could snatch one of the last few. Remember this was the first LE so it took a few errors to get it right. The latest LE had no problems at all πŸ™‚

  51. OMG!Can somone plz answer my question! Why can’t you buy from LE on stardoll? They sell the most gorgeous dresses ever!- but they if you look at the crossed out prices they are so expensive! you can only buy like 2 items and those are shit!

  52. Hmmf… LE isn’t even rare, just expensive to buy. There’s no point, really, because if you pay enough you can own LE. :{

  53. littlemssvixen says:

    I once bought the black and green LE skirt from a previous collection and when I went to me suite, I got it, everything was fine and then the next day my skirt was REPLACED by a dress which I didn’t even like!!! I send this to stardoll and they just didn’t respond 😦 xxx

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