Limited Edition..

So The New And Exclusive Limited Edition Brand Was Released Today..


The General Opinion Is That The Clothes Are Too Expensive, However Forgetting About The Price What Are Your Favourite Items? 🙂

Monroe… Has Created A Club Called Limited-Edition


26 Responses to Limited Edition..

  1. Kiya says:

    Is it a glitch? Or just me. But why does the price tags says 225? And the since I guess the name of the brand is limited, it shows that there’s isn’t much left.

  2. mirty6 says:

    I bought just the sparkle tube top (black one). I don’t like all of it, to be honest. The good pieces were the shoes on your photo and the diamond ones, the sparke tube tops and the heart bag. The rest didn’t impress me much, I prefer Ferretti stuff.

  3. -Maybe- says:

    I haven’t bought any of the clothings, but my favourite one is the studded jacket ;]

  4. arna-rut says:

    They arent limited, when the stock is gone they RESTOCK :/ this is stardoll’s new way to scam out of us money, they are probably sitting on their fat ass in sweden(no offence to anyone who lives there, i LOVE sweden) laughing at us while drinking champagne

  5. Katie says:

    I actually like a few of the stuff like the cut out dress, I thought that it was really cute but jeez, it was like 220sd! I bought it anyways though which made me feel kinda guilty cuz I have no money left…

  6. 3smellyangel7 says:

    I have bought the pink sparkly tube top as that all i could afford i wanted to buy the tights as they were cheaper but it wouldnt let me buy them i think all of these clothes are gorgeous but too expensive

  7. Kiya says:

    I like the tights, jacket,shoes and pencil skirts.

  8. Fakeshake3 says:

    They aren’t restocking, the items are unavalable to buy. And I (L) the leather jacket x

  9. Yamile says:

    the clothes are ridiculously expensive

  10. Episode says:

    I like some of them, but i think alot of them look quite tacky.
    I bought a skirt, two tops and accidentally the gloves XD can’t wait to sell the last one 😛
    x E

  11. missperfect94 says:

    The purple thights are already sold out!
    I bought the purple thights, the purple skirt and the white T-shirt. But I also like the pencil skirts, tube tops, Diamond print heels.
    The Zip Ruffle Shift Dress is way to expensive (like the rest, but this is worse, ’cause it’s ugly) and so is the motorcycle jacket.

  12. monroe... says:

    If you believe they were restocking, pick an item you bought and look for another person with that item having the exact same number as you have, then you can actually prove the was restocking. I don’t think they were restocking.

  13. ClaireMaii/Jhuyed says:

    I think all the clothes are REALLY ugly. And I’m not just saying that because their over priced, I really think they’re horrible. When the DKNY clothes that are rare (The onea EVERYONE wants) I added the prices all up, and it was oly 300+ dllars, but when I added the clothes from LE, it was over 2,000!!!! Stardoll’s gone wack.

  14. Monnerlove. says:

    I was Disappointed It was Not werth the Prices they where Charging for it i found it too be really Cheap but not werth Spending my Fake coins on it So those who bought it Kind of wasted there money – Moonerlove.

  15. Kaz1996 says:

    OH MY God is that a joke??? Those prices are f**king bulls**t!!!!!! GRRRR!! 😡

  16. *rose*rose-cat says:

    I like some of the clothes. The skirt at the belt. The other items were kinda cheesy. I could understand if these items were real brand, but when I saw them I literaly screamed when I saw the price tag. ITS RIDICULOUS. Seriously alot of people are going to end up really upset when they are not able to sell there stuff for more than the price tag. I dont know about you people but i’m NOT spending a whole months worth of allowance on 1 stupid shirt. Sorry if this upsets anyone, but its just what I think.

  17. Smoothielove says:

    I like the highwaisted skirt and the punk-jacket the most! But OMG…It’s so expencive…. 😦

  18. Ms.V says:

    I like the pencil skirts and the high heel shoes…
    But not all of them.

  19. MadameChanel--x says:

    I luv the Studded Motorcycle jacket it is gawjuz, but to be honest stardoll is ripping us all off, i mean $250 for a jacket?? Omfg!!

  20. tinkerbells says:

    Yeah!! they have been restocking!! i bought the pencil skirt and first it said me that the item was unavailable, then i tryed again and i could bought it… when i arrived to my suit my edition number was 1/300 (u can check it on my skirt) but i saw the same skirt BEFORE in other users… so it was impossible that mine were the number one of 300…

  21. tinkerbells says:

    By the way, some items are really cool but others…. sorry but look awful… i preffer to spent that money on the AF collection!!!!

  22. JolieFille423 says:

    I bought the cutout dress, the strappy sandals, the webbed heels, heart purse, and the pencil skirt. About 650 SD for everything…..the purchase was bittersweet to say the least….

  23. Swedish_Hilton says:

    I love the two high waisted pencil skirts and the pink pompom bolero, but it’s so hideusly expensive that I didn’t buy anything. The Philosophy and old DKNY is much better.

  24. Rini4e says:

    I adore most of the items, except for some of the shoes, the little jacket, the zipper top and dress, and I’m not exactly in love with the cut-out dress either…

  25. Mushkaa says:

    I think it’s TOO expensive… they are not so awesome to buy them in that prices. I think stardoll just need to down to earth.

  26. Gracie xxx says:

    I love it its just i cant buy it! have you seen the series 3?! i have its uglyyyy! i wasted all my 2000 stardollars on it!

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