Okay, I just got a message from my friend Fababi that she sent Stardoll a letter asking when the new DKNY is coming out and they said a YEAR!!!!!!!


This is what she sent them and what they sent her back –

Hi fababi,
thanks for getting in touch with us. The new collection is coming next year.

Yours Truly,
The Stardoll Staff

You wrote:
Dear stardoll staff

I am wondering when the new DKNY will be coming out, I am not asking fow a pecific date, but I do know that the real Fall-Winter has came out but on stardoll it has not.

The new DKNY is supposed to be Fall AND winter, When now it is past Fall but now Winter.
I advise that you bring out the new collection soon scince lots of angry and curious stardoll members are waiting.

Yours sencierly fababi


I am FUR-I-OUS, I have been wating and waiting(alongside with many other patient people) for the new DKNY to come out and look when it is! >_<!!!!!


Added onto that – yes, it could be in a month, but it also could be next November for all we know. But I and I am sure many others – hope that by next year Stardoll staff means sometime in January or February.


45 Responses to OMG!

  1. Moonerlove. says:

    Lmao They are just trying too Surprise use i asked them that befor when was the orange dkny going too come out they said a year and they lied then it came out lolol

  2. pop_Star1234 says:

    Or it might even be in JANUARY because it is only decemeber coool

  3. jenna says:

    omg thats horrible! unless they meant next year like january? i doubt it ugh i want my dkny!!!

  4. UndamyUmbrellla says:

    Next year is in less than a month. 🙂

  5. spencer31568 says:

    i agree but i read something somewhere that said they only had a year contract, so they have to renew it. so i guess they are in that faze now and we just have to wait, the same thing with sephora so it might be the same with all the real brands.

  6. Yamile says:

    Hopefully they mean in January 2009.

  7. Anna says:

    Yup, I think they mean January 😉

  8. gumby_rox101 says:

    I Think It Means 2009. Like January/ February

  9. stardollxchic says:

    I HOPE that they mean January because I can’t wait a year for more DKNY.

  10. Aaron922 says:

    Yeah, to me it sounded like they meant early next year. But I guess you never know. I’m surprised they actually replied. They usually send the same message everytime.

  11. Dei(To_Royal) says:

    Even though next year is soon…..this is bullshit =/
    They should have BEEN made the collection for us =(

  12. America4life says:

    Proably early next year like january because they know they would proably get a lot of mad members if they dont release soon.

  13. Bubblebig says:

    Stardoll just has to renew their subscription with DKNY, so they are pretty much waiting for DKNY to send them money to Advertise their clothes on Stardoll by making a Real Brand. Lets hope January-ish 🙂

  14. Swimster-Gurl says:

    it doesn’t mean next year , i think it means that at the end of this year, 2008, it will come out, i if i were you i wouldn’t really freak out! 😀

  15. Rachweee123 says:

    Maybe That’s What All Those Shops Like Bisou, Elle, Decades, Philsophy, Evil Panda, LE Are For?

    To Make Up That Stardoll Wont Be Releasing DKNY Any Time Soon…

  16. Caminee says:

    Yeah, they probably mean in like january or something. lol i hope its not any longer.

  17. jose-io says:

    They’ll mean January… They’ve realised that they’re totally stuffing everything else up.. friend request and starpoints not working. No new collections coming out… I’d much rather have working friends requests and starpoints and new collections of DKNY (not to mention the other RB’s..:?) Than a million other new Real Brands and non working other features.
    I do suppose it would also be quite nice if they made new scenery and interior, rather than handing out the ones from last year!!

  18. dramagirl1 says: year is a matter of weeks away, so I wouldn’t worry about it :] x x x3

  19. sarah_alb says:

    omggg!!! EFFIN HELL
    wtf? next yr?! ohh i cant possobly wait any longerr,. ;\

  20. Verojun says:

    Does anyone knows when the Vivienne tam items will be in the starplaza ? we could vote for our favorites a few months ago, but they didn’t bring them to the shop. and i think it would have been kinda stupid that we could vote for no reason :S

  21. lady says:

    They really mean 2009 beginning,it’s obvious :}

  22. super-jessie says:

    …the pink DKNY clothes went into the bazaar just a few weeks ago. i´m sure the next ones will come soon and i have a good reason for that:
    stardoll wants to make money money money…

  23. anahi_ioana10 says:

    Hi anahi_ioana10,
    Thanks for your mail.

    We are experiencing some difficulties with this item/this function. We are aware of the problem and are trying to fix it as soon as possible.

    We are sorry for the inconvenience!

    Kind regards,
    The Stardoll Staff

    You wrote:
    When the DKNY collection is going to come out?

  24. Ms.V says:

    I can’t wait that long!
    I want my DKNY and I want it NOW!!

  25. Episode says:

    Well, i rather wait a little while then not being able to buy them at all..

  26. stardollfashionforward says:

    Yeah.. It Says Next Year.. Which Is Like 3 Weeks Away >_< Lol. My My Snaps.. Your So Dramatic LOL 😛

  27. not-perfect111 says:

    I asked them for an exactly date right before few minutes and I’ve already received an answer.o.O They said that they don’t know. LOL xD

  28. ioni1996 says:

    maybe it will come in January =]

  29. lizzie1393 says:

    they wouldn’t really mean like december 2009 lol! it will probably be released in a few weeks time when it’s the new year. =]

  30. I think they will be referring to this january.
    If it was next November, the reply would probably be ‘the next collection is coming in a year’ not ‘next year’

    but who knows with stardoll at the moment? 🙂

  31. *rose*rose-cat says:

    HOLY COW!!! YOU DONT KNOW HOW FRIGGIN EXITED I AM!!! Its proboaly going to be in the next month if its fall/ winter. Next november would not make since to have a fall / winter collection… i was just about to ask stardoll myself… glad I came to my fav blog first!!! I cant wait… i’m going to extend my superstar membership now…

  32. Jhuyed says:

    God, I hope they mean earlier ’09. If it’s not here by March, I’m going to be MAD!!!!

  33. Cora11 says:



  34. FunFashionista says:

    But next year is in less than a month….:P

  35. Talia-87 says:

    I think its coming soon, nexr year is in 3 weeks! So maybe in january or february, so dont worry

  36. beccayerrr says:

    next year is only a few weeks away, and they need time to perfect our dkny 😉

  37. stardollfashionforward says:

    FunFashionista – YES, I do know it is only a few weeks away – Thats why I added the ‘Added onto that’ 😛

  38. Milly_Mi says:

    HEY ! HEY !
    I have VERY important thing !!!
    I was write to Stardoll about DKNY and say that I heard that the new DKNY collection is to appear next year ??
    And Stardoll give me a response !
    Just take a look !

    It’s unbelievable !!!
    Sorry 4 my scratchy english, but i’m from Poland x33
    On Stardoll – I’m Milly_Mi
    Please, check it out, bye ❤

  39. louise says:

    they said next year and thats less than a month away its common sence??

  40. Katherine says:

    Chill, people! Most likely they mean sometime around Janurary.

  41. pudding says:

    I asked em and they said spring 🙂

  42. stardollfashionforward says:

    CHILL. Seriously. My mistake, ok? Some of you need to relax.

  43. Gawjus_Gal_07 says:

    Girls, it’s gonna be out 11th February ’09. Need more info? Visit me!

  44. mary_kate_88 says:

    yeah…..’cause i really miss DNKY…
    …the old one are borings…
    …i hope it’s January…

  45. michelle says:

    omg new years is in 2 days and i believe that new dkny is coming out in 2 days the first of jan. omg its in 2 dayz im so happy

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