It is MARY!

Okay, some people have been saying Mary(writemarycat) is hacked, NO, she is NOT HACKED. It is her. No matter how many different time she says it people are still thinking she is hacked. I have clues to prove she is not –


1. 1. Too much accounts she logged in. Youlovelorie saw her on russian facebook chatting with RL friends on Ukrainian. Also, Skype, Gmail, Blogger, Stardoll…


2.  She changed her photo on Blogger account…It was a photo never seen before on Stardoll.


3. Mary is acting like Mary. The first day she was very tired.


4. Everybody that knows her knows it Mary.


5. The  Eternity Team told me that Mary knows every pass on every Eternity account needed and the TrendLounge aswell.


Now, those are the clues! Its Mary!!


5 Responses to It is MARY!

  1. Arna-Rut says:

    It is mary ;D ive been speaking to her for quite long, she told me she uploaded a new picture, its from her dads birthday :]

  2. ahh well good for her 🙂

  3. fababi says:

    I dont get it what do u mean its ‘Mary;

  4. ...SingStar... says:

    Its Mary bitch 😛
    Well, to her, mary is mary and everyones who knows her and loves her knows its her, and those who dont, wel thats there promblem its’nt it?! 🙂

  5. Why does that gay picture thing come up for me?! LOL

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