New Hot Buys..

SFF Can Still Bring You Spoilers 😉

Next Months Hot Buys



35 Responses to New Hot Buys..

  1. Loophole says:

    okaaaaayish im not keen on pink and purple :\

  2. not-perfect111 says:

    OMG! I love them! They are the best Hotbuys ever! I’ll probably buy them all.If they are not too expensive…

  3. ntemisfe says:

    I don’t like them that much…

  4. Episode says:

    I love them ^^

  5. radiotigre x. says:

    They’re cool. I’ll probably buy them all, if they aren’t too expensive.

  6. Ms.V says:

    Hmm, I like the black bow-tie skirt and the dress.
    The earrings are also nice.
    Not my fav HotBuys, but they’re OK.

  7. Gosia says:

    OMFG! YES!

  8. Dora says:



    Sorry :DD

  9. Dei(To_Royal) says:


    I love you guys!!!!! XD

    Can’t wait to get my hands on those tights!!!!!

  10. Pudderi says:

    Wow! Totally awesome HotBuys! I love them! They have so lovely color! I’m gonna buy them all… I hope that they will be cheap, not so expensive as the latest HBs…

    I’m waiting those…

  11. Simply Magazine says:

    Purple is this years christmas color,all the big show houses have their decor in purple.

  12. Rini4e says:

    Gorgeous. No other way to describe them! Those earmuffs are just the cutest. ❤ them!

  13. Smoothielove says:

    Wow I like the jacket & the bag! Hope something will be for non-ss’s !

  14. LaLa says:

    I love them!, Pink is my fave colour and purple my second 🙂

  15. Yamile says:

    I don’t love the shoes or the pink top.

  16. kitty says:

    hi i have web about stardoll and i really interested how do u get these picture pls ?

  17. Jhuyed/ClaireMae says:

    I love these. I hope stardoll doesn’t re-release the “Frozen” clothes. I bought them only because they were “In” at the time, now they strike me as nooby. xD

  18. weri_b says:

    WOW! Awesome!

  19. likwhoaitsmaria says:

    these are amazing!
    i especially love the bag
    and i believe its from coach =]

  20. Fakeshake3 says:

    HOLY SHIT. MY FAVOURITE DRESS EVER! THE Herve Leger sequin dress. As in the the amazing first ever bandage dress, sold out in a matter of days IS GOING TO BE RELEASED!!! YEY

  21. Melissa54321 says:

    woah thanks Ellie I didn’t realize it was the Herve Leger dress. Fuck that’s awesome!!

  22. Marcela says:


  23. Fakeshake3 says:

    Hells yea! Here is the URL.

  24. Alli says:

    LOVE!!!!!!!!! The jacket is Juicy!

  25. Melissa54321 says:

    Thank The lord!! NO thank stardoll for this blessing of This DRESSS!!!!!

  26. moonerlove. says:

    Lol they have been out for a while but any ways ill but them all i think the hbs are getting better!

  27. Emily-p says:

    hey girls just realized that the leggings ar almost idential to my pair from topshop

    the colours arnt exact but they wet look is really in this season catwalk and high street

    anyway cyas soon

    love ya hotness

  28. lettie97 says:

    WHEN, WHEN, WHEN are they gonna be in the mag?

  29. America4life says:

    i love them

  30. kitty says:

    plssss can i have this picture ?

  31. blahblah says:

    Cool they are really stylish but I have a question! Where did you get this picture and why do you know that these are the hot buys of next month? Who tells you that? Stardoll???

  32. Purple is soo hot
    Love the clothes:)

  33. kreimi says:

    i like them 🙂
    btw from where do you get these spoilers?

  34. channelcoach258 says:

    wow i luv the hot buys

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