Sorry. Lou and I have both been extremely busy with uni and school. We have had some time off for holidays, but we would rather spend it with family and friends and not the computer. Stardoll has been pretty uneventful lately, so not much to blog about. But the couture dresses are out!! And if I may say, they are awesome. My personal favorite is the gorgeous Valentino dress. What’s yours?


Once again, sorry for not updating but keep in mind we do have a life outside of Stardoll.


Thanks for all of you dedicated readers, and we hope you had/have a Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!




5 Responses to Sorry.

  1. Ms.V says:

    No problem!
    The Valentino dress is my fav, too!

  2. lizzie1393 says:

    mine’s the pretty in pink jennie bow dress! =]

  3. Shishu95 says:

    mine’s the valentino dress too 🙂

  4. sinbabee aka YSL. says:

    thats very good thing that u rather spend your time with family and friends not with computer 😀 we all should do that! 🙂 my fav is also Valentino

  5. rebeccavu says:

    I love the Christian Lacroix and the Valentino! They’re all gorgeous! Also, it’s okay. Everyone has a life of their own.

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