Free DKNY New Years Dress Is Now Available In The Starplaza.. This Does Not Mean The Rest Of The Collection Is On Its Way Any Minute 🙂



16 Responses to Free DKNY

  1. scribonia326 says:

    OMG I LOVE IT!!! It is so pretty and finally I can get DKNY!

  2. Episode says:

    It’s such a lovely dress! ^^

  3. Naween says:

    I think new collection is on the way cause there is a %50 sale in DKNY shop now =))))

  4. jose-io says:

    All the DKNY is on sale.. :O

  5. *rose*rose-cat says:

    Yes, all the DKNY is on sale… The only way I knew about it and got it in time was for my friend, I was showing her around Stardoll, and I showed her the DKNY stuff, and I almost screamed when I saw red everywhere @_@.

  6. MollyMasquerade says:

    I think the new items are coming soon, as everything in the DKNY store is on sale 🙂
    That means 3 new levels of clothes right? I hope so anyway!
    Happy New Year =]

  7. Lindsay (lgap) says:

    I’m pretty sure the new DKNY is comming real soon…
    1. The free dress.
    2. The HB pants I’m pretty sure they’re DKNY.
    3. All DKNY is on sale!
    4. SD replied to my email saying that it would’
    next year, which I’m pretty sure means,
    January, at the most February.
    I haven’t seen spoiler clothes that look like DKNY, though I don’t check it that often.

  8. Polkaluff says:

    It’s fantastic !!

  9. aishakiara says:

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  10. Shishu95 says:

    DKNY HAS SHUT DOWN ON STARDOLL! I clicked on it in StarPlaza, and it said “CLOSED FOR REMODELING”

    i’m guessing the new season’s coming out soon! :)))

  11. Crazykoe says:

    yes DKNY is closed

  12. Oh.My.Gosh.X0X says:

    Darn DKNY Is closed ??

  13. Melissa54321 says:

    Lou and Keisha start posting more! you haven’t made a post since last year lol!!

  14. hannah says:

    i know what the new dkny is going to be if you wana find out vist my suite on the 17 of january and be in for a supprise

  15. e-mail says:

    when will the new collection of DKNY be in starplaza?

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