Moonacre Clothes

We Are So Sorry For The Lack Of Posts, First Week Back At School/Uni And That Is Much More Important Than This Blog 🙂

Anyway.. The Final Moonacre Gifts Have Been Given Out And Now Clothes Are Available.


Opinions?? 🙂


15 Responses to Moonacre Clothes

  1. Claire says:

    why can’t I find it???

  2. Marcela says:

    Hey people, did u see that DKNY and LE had disappeared from plaza? Post about it…
    Marcela (pedroemarcela)

  3. ClaireMae says:

    Where can I find this shop?
    Anyways, I really the dresses. 🙂 I’m probably going to buy them.

  4. Sanguinary says:

    You can find the dresses in Starplaza if you search for dresses and the colour of the one you want 🙂

  5. juliothedork says:

    For those who don’t see the shop listed, you have to search ‘dress’ and the color of each one individually.
    The prices are great and they’re definitely great costume pieces, a must for any collector or fan of ornate fashion.
    I’m out of money and was only able to purchase the red one, but hopefully I can raise enough in my bazaar to get the black one next.

  6. Keavy says:

    Thanks for tip! Because I am not registred as usa member so I am happy that I can buy these dresses!

  7. sweetviksi says:

    for the peeps who can’t find it !
    for the red dress- red and dress and you will find it page (i forgot it )
    for the black dress – black and dress. go to page 6 and you will find it !
    for the gray dress – gray and dress and you will find on 1st page
    for the pink dress (next to black) – pink and dress and you will find it on page 3
    an the second dress (the orange-yellow green) – yellow and green and dress .. you will find it on 3rd page!

    hope i will help you!

  8. mirty6 says:

    I bought the red one =)

  9. Meow says:

    Ugly :s

  10. Claire says:


    Okay I GOT the serch thing

    I just want to know WHY I can’t find the store. *rolls eyes*

  11. seasonalhotbuys says:

    Too find the Dresses check out my blog its all about Spoilers And other stuff hope you inoy it

  12. annalaura says:

    2 more things:
    – search pink and on the 12th page you’ll find a collar
    – for boys: search brown and trousers for ‘moonacre pants’

  13. Cora11 says:

    they are so ugly

  14. Craniumgirl says:

    Hey I love the grey one it is so cool I love them they are really ornate and fancy dress type things great for stardoll partys!!!

  15. Sashia says:

    Hey help me find the mans top PLEASE!

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