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Fierce Magazine Spoiler

Today, a good friend of mine were so kind as to show me a Spoiler for her magazine, Fierce.

So I thought, why not show it to my lovely readers on SFF?

Do the fact that I’m so honoured to be working for Fierce Magazine, I’ve seen most of the graphics, and I must say that it’s truly amazing. The theme is Paris and I can’t help of saying that this issue is going to be Fierce’s best so far. So be aware, because this December, the third issue of Fierce will hit the stardollian streets.

For those of you who don’t know of Fierce Magazine, you can just click here.

xoxo Emma

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Todays featured user is: robinbird00

Congratulations ūüôā

Competition: Win $300

As I stated in the *Spoiler* post on friday, when the ruffle blouse is released there would be a comp. Well its out now so the comp can begin!

I know this is a SS item so any non-superstar members that want to take part can use the ruffle blouse in my suite (or another members) and save the look in their album.

This is the item in question..

All writers for SFF will decide the final 5 entries which must be submitted by Thursday 3rd December! After this time.. SFF readers will be voting for their favourite!



SS Members: $300

Non-SS Members: 2 week SS membership + $55


Good Luck!



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As you might have noticed yesterday Lou posted a post about “Today featured user”. And now you may be wondering what whole thing is about. It’s pretty simple actaully: everyday we pick a person who has commented one of our posts and we feature them. Because we want to honour you guys for being there for us and helping us along the way.

So todays featured user is: melissa54321. Congrats ūüôā

Thank You!

Today Stardoll Fashion Forward became the fastest growing blog on WordPress.com. We just want to thank all of you for visting our blog, it means a lot to us. We’re so grateful for all of you to welcomed us back so well.

Featuring realistic make-ups

StardollFashionForward is a blog which is always looking for interesting ideas to make stardoll funnier, a place full of creative people that isnt afraid of showing their bests.

One of these ideas is realistic make-up. I’ve always loved the way people combine colours to create impressive effects and make their medolls look unique.

Want examples of this?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

People like Style_Magazine started with realistic makeup before existing Sephora; Diva_Always (up right corner) was also one of the first in using different colours in her lips, like Ladycamille (down right corner) ; and others like msdavies2005 (down left corner), Dodence_bt, doinker_chic (up left corner) and the owner of SFF,  xLou26, have followed this trend by their own way to show other interesting results.

Now it’s your turn! Experiment with your makeup and show your best. Maybe you get featured in SFF someday!