Some of you guys may not had been there, but SFF used to have the best parties. They were the ones who got everyone starting. As it used to be Lou and Keisha would pick someone to host it with them. The co-host would pick the theme of the party, time, date and it would be hold in the persons Guest Book. There would be a best dressed list posted on the blog along with a post of the host’s outfits.

But there haven’t been a party since August last year, where I myself, hosted one. So I thought, why not bring them back?

Just like last time, everyone has a chance to host a party for SFF, all you got to do is: Write a comment on this post, telling me why you want to host the party and what Ideas for a theme you have. And of course your Stardoll username so I can contact you. Me and Lou will pick the one we like the best to be the host. You have untill the 10th of December to enter.

Good luck.

xoxo Emma


8 Responses to Parties

  1. surfsandandsun (Hayley) says:

    I would loveee to host a party! I am thinking a holiday theme, of course, because it is holiday time! 😀

  2. Horse729 says:

    Theme: The Good Ole Days

    [Note on the theme: Think back to the days where everything was horribly simple. Where birthday parties were at Chuck E. Cheese and you wore your patent leather party shoes. Where dresses had Peter Pan collars and you didn’t understand adult jokes. Well, those days are back! Wear your favorite rendition of the childhood favorite.]

    I would like to host this party because, well, I’ve never hosted one before. I did my best to attend the SFF ones, and this is an opportunity I just can’t pass up! I’ve got the knowledge of a party-goer on how to plan it and I’ve got the free time to get it on its feet, as well as some great friends with even more friends, meaning a bigger fan following of your parties and your extinct blog. Besides, everyone needs a break from the world of Gaga and Wonderland, as well as gossip. A trip back would do us all some good.

  3. Dream.on says:

    Well, of course i’d love to host it! My idea, and it seems quite appropriate, is comebacks. There’s actually been alot of big comebacks. There’s britney spears, michael jackson, take that, mariah carey adn whitney housten (sp?) So i think it would be quite a good theme to do. 😀

  4. Dream.on says:

    Since my first post didn’t explain alot, the theme is basically anyone who has made a comeback. And obviously i just posted examples.

  5. loutiee says:

    I’d love to host a party because mainly I want to break out onto the Stardoll scene and I have been a follower of this blog since it first arose and I tried to attend many SFF parties. I think a good theme is a masquerade – doesn’t everyone want to be someone they aren’t? Even if it’s only for a little bit. A masquerade allows people to change their personalities and become a little bit mysterious..and who doesn’t love a good mystery? I have some free time now since school is calming down and I don’t have anything major on my social calendar coming up. I could really commit to making this party a success!

  6. Coollllllll…….. 😀 Love it

  7. Cindy says:


    I would love to do this, but I’m afraid time would be the hindrance. I think you should go with Louitte’s idea. She sounds committed to it, in my opinion, and I love her idea! 🙂

    my stardoll user is lulu11052

  8. lazylyn says:

    I would love to host an sff party because….well I like to party!. I would plan everything well and spread the word amoungst all my friends and everyone else. My theme would be pretty in purple. Everyone would wear purple, simple but gorgeous!. I’m obsessed with that colour so thats why I chose that particular theme. So if you want to party with the life of the party in the amazing colour that is purple then pick me!. Pretty please with icing and a cherry on top? 🙂

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