Featuring realistic make-ups

StardollFashionForward is a blog which is always looking for interesting ideas to make stardoll funnier, a place full of creative people that isnt afraid of showing their bests.

One of these ideas is realistic make-up. I’ve always loved the way people combine colours to create impressive effects and make their medolls look unique.

Want examples of this?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

People like Style_Magazine started with realistic makeup before existing Sephora; Diva_Always (up right corner) was also one of the first in using different colours in her lips, like Ladycamille (down right corner) ; and others like msdavies2005 (down left corner), Dodence_bt, doinker_chic (up left corner) and the owner of SFF,  xLou26, have followed this trend by their own way to show other interesting results.

Now it’s your turn! Experiment with your makeup and show your best. Maybe you get featured in SFF someday!


One Response to Featuring realistic make-ups

  1. AC Viper says:

    i once made a topic in animal lovers on how to get glossy lips. they’re not that glossy, but realistic looking. so here it is:

    you’ll need a black lipstick.

    put the black lipstick on the lips, avoid the middle of the lower lip. put another coat of the black lipstick on the sides only, avoid the middle, which will make the sides of the lips black and the middle of the upper lip dark [but not black].
    then put the lipstick you want.
    i havent tried it with the dark blue lipstick but i think the result will be awesome.


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