Fierce Magazine Spoiler

Today, a good friend of mine were so kind as to show me a Spoiler for her magazine, Fierce.

So I thought, why not show it to my lovely readers on SFF?

Do the fact that I’m so honoured to be working for Fierce Magazine, I’ve seen most of the graphics, and I must say that it’s truly amazing. The theme is Paris and I can’t help of saying that this issue is going to be Fierce’s best so far. So be aware, because this December, the third issue of Fierce will hit the stardollian streets.

For those of you who don’t know of Fierce Magazine, you can just click here.

xoxo Emma


4 Responses to Fierce Magazine Spoiler

  1. LilaSmiley says:

    Fierce is AH-MAZING!!

  2. Scope says:

    Gosh~ I thot for a moment what could be that ‘fierce’. I never got to have a look at Fierce Mag. My sincere well-wish to you guys and gals.

    Paris, the city of romance like that Venice… I like romance, I like Paris.

    Looking forward to Fierce’s best-er issues to come. ^.^

  3. Karla says:

    Can’t wait!

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