4th December Calendar Items..

Would anyone else like to say WTF with me?

The 4th December calendar items include a fabulous skirt for SS members.. And.. A bunch of onions for non-SS members?!? I seriously hope stardoll has put the wrong item up by mistake, because this isnt christmas like, fashionable or fair at all!

Does anyone else wish to vent their opinions??


13 Responses to 4th December Calendar Items..

  1. Robinbird00 says:

    is it weird that I think the radishes/onions/turnips kinda cute?

  2. MickiMouse4950 says:

    That’s like a slap in the face with the onions for the non-ss members. Look at what the superstars get, and then some onions for non superstars. I guess for stardoll in their mind it’s ’tis the season to be cheap to non superstars.

  3. NailedBohemian says:

    Yeah, I think the onions are cute too, but I would rather have something christmas-y. or at least a cheap but cute necklace.

  4. jordy says:

    this is totally unfair, i mean, i know superstars pay for stuff but christmas calender items should be the same for everyone. it’s christmas time for god’s sake. it’s a time for giving( to all ) not a time for giving to those who pay us ( stardoll )



  5. Findurlove says:


  6. dam552 says:

    The radishes probably have something to do with “Night of the Radishes” its a festival in Mexico they have on Dec. 23

  7. LadyLiisu says:

    so mad :s :@

  8. LilaSmiley says:

    Sure, onions are..cool. But wouldn’t we rather have something…nicer like jewelry, clothing, or at least some christmas ornaments? What about a christmas hat? Stardoll thinks that this will make us want to be ss more, but its done the opposite!

  9. thestardollinsiders says:

    it’s getting worse and worse 😦
    now they have a seperate superstar xmas calendar, seperate superstar comptitions, seperate superstar everything! 😦

  10. Chicago3 says:

    Love the skirt. I bought it with my play and earn money. I am upset that non-superstars get a bad item.

  11. minty100 says:

    Its Very Sadd -__-
    Hopee They Put Better Thinggss ):<

  12. LilaSmiley says:

    GUESS WHAT? For the 6th day of December, a good thing showed up. The ability to buy the ss stuff!!

  13. Demi says:

    I know Seriously
    Whats Up with The Onions
    Its Nothing To do with Christmas
    Unless they want everyone to Cry this Year.
    Its Getting Kinda Stupid.
    And things in the Superstar calender go to normal shop and some are not superstar so ordinary people can just grab them as they please !!

    Stardoll Need to Put a bit of effort in after all theyve started to get so greedy !!

    Love Demidoo34 x

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