5th December Calendar Items

5th December Calendar Items

Stocking – Non-SS $2

Jumper – SS $5

Not as bad as yesterdays items, however compared to last years still a disappointment!


9 Responses to 5th December Calendar Items

  1. NailedBohemian says:

    I love the stocking compared to the onions/radishes.

  2. Findurlove says:

    I personally wouldnt take both :O compared to last year’s calender these “gifts” are a big disgrace and are pissing me off

  3. goldie girl says:

    its not fair !i never got the avril lavinge christmass tree!

  4. goldie girl says:

    anyway how do you get to the calender

  5. Laura says:

    I love the jacket lol
    I’m even wearing it ;D

    xx lady_laura_xxx

  6. Chicago3 says:

    I don’t really like the jacket, but I bought it anyway with my play and earn. I think its really unfair to non-superstars to get such non useful items

  7. hihihihi1239 says:

    wtf i keep getting all the non ss gifts and im superstar!

  8. ad.astra says:

    I just realized that it doesn’t matter if you are SS or Not-everyone can buy the SS calender items because the next day they show up under ‘favorites’ and it isn’t labeled as an SS item.

  9. ad.astra says:

    Scratch that 😛
    Maybe it was a fluke-I know one non SS member that got it, but apparently it hasn’t been working for others.

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