New Competition!

As you probably know our last competition has ended and we have found the winner. So of course, now we need a new one! For this competition we chose a very simple garment so you really need to show us your skills to make this work. The garment can be layered and used with tons of colours. But your outfit must be christmas themed. We want to see how you would wear this garment for a christmas party.

This is your garment:

To avoid any confusion it’s of course the dress I’m talking about. I have here tried to show you an example of how you can dress up the dress. I chose to keep it simple because I just love the dress itself, but of course feel free to wear as you feel best.

I know this is a SS item, so all non-SS will be able to find the dress in either Lou or my own suite.

All of the writers of SFF will find the 5 best entries and after that you will be voting for your favorite. You  have untill Monday the 14th December to enter. Which means a week from today on.


SS Members: 100sd and a Christmas Diamond Star

Non-SS Members: 2 weeks Superstar and a Christmas Diamond Star

Good luck.

xoxo Emma


11 Responses to New Competition!

  1. rute_xox says:

    Enter me in!
    Here’s my outfit:

  2. LilaSmiley says:

    I’m in! My entry will be on the last (tenth) page of my album. Thanks!

  3. dancekicksbutt says:

    here’s mine 🙂

    model: xLou26

    stardoll username: dancekicksbutt

  4. Zital says:

    Hi, here is my entry.

  5. zafara23456 says:

    i have saved the outfit in my album chk out plzz
    my name on stardoll is zafara23456
    and u will find the doll on the cover of my album

  6. Zital says:

    Um… zafara23456, you used my doll without permission. You could’ve at least asked me. :/

  7. marcia256 says:

    Hi here is my entry, im marcia256

  8. Charlotte says:

    That’s my entry, and my UserName is N1mka4eva

  9. Vampire_ says:

    Here’s my outfit :

    My username is Vampire_

  10. zafara23456 says:

    zital but i am a non-ss
    and want to b a ss very very badly
    so i hurried and i found only ur suite with that dress
    sorry again:)

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