Featured User: Ashy_loves_you

For the first time, I forgot to post featured user, so I’m sorry for not bringing you guys one yesterday, but that just proofs that no one is perfect. 😛

Well todays’ featured user is: ashy_loves_you

Congratulations 🙂

Also, Ashton is wearing a top from the brand new Miss Sixty collection which can be found in Starplaze now. Personally, I don’t care for it that much, but what do you think of it?

xoxo Emma

PS. Remember to enter our competition everyone! I’d love it so much if you would show me how you would work the dress.


2 Responses to Featured User: Ashy_loves_you

  1. SephyBelle says:

    I agree about the Miss Sixty brand. It is extremely overpriced and it looks quite tacky , I don’t think stardoll did a very good job of transferring the real stuff to pixel clothes.

  2. ashy_loves_you says:

    OMG Thanks so much 🙂
    Tbh I hate the new Miss Sixty’s.. All of it, but the shorts and top im wearing are amazing xD

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