Party Competition Winner!

Yesterday our competition about who was going to host a party for SFF ended, and I’ve look thru all of the entries. And before we go on I must say thank you to everyone that had entered, I really enjoyed reading your Ideas. They were all great.

But I had to find a winner for this competition, and there was one Idea that I loved right from the start. So there for I would like to say congratulations to… Horse729 for winning the competition!

I will contact horse729 and we will plan the time and date for the party. Her Idea was to have a party inspired by our childhood, dressing up as it used to be. You can see her winning comment here:

“Theme: The Good Ole Days

[Note on the theme: Think back to the days where everything was horribly simple. Where birthday parties were at Chuck E. Cheese and you wore your patent leather party shoes. Where dresses had Peter Pan collars and you didn’t understand adult jokes. Well, those days are back! Wear your favorite rendition of the childhood favorite.]

I would like to host this party because, well, I’ve never hosted one before. I did my best to attend the SFF ones, and this is an opportunity I just can’t pass up! I’ve got the knowledge of a party-goer on how to plan it and I’ve got the free time to get it on its feet, as well as some great friends with even more friends, meaning a bigger fan following of your parties and your extinct blog. Besides, everyone needs a break from the world of Gaga and Wonderland, as well as gossip. A trip back would do us all some good.”

I personally cannot wait for this party! 😀

xoxo Emma


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