New Years Masquerade

This Tuesday Tylerisbold will be having an exclusive party. There is a VIP-list with only 50 names, and if you’re not on the list you’ll have to make reservations to atend the party. I wonder if this will work? How do you think Tyler will make sure no one else atends? We’re just gonna have to wait and see. Amazingly both Lou and I are lucky enough to be on the list, but what do you think of the whole VIP Idea?

Here’s the invite:

Tyler was so kind to give me a few words to post on here:

“Lets hope we can bring back the ‘old’ Stardoll, while still adding a futuristic touch! Well, those are my plans for saying goodbye to 2009. Simply throwing the most extravagant party ever to hit Stardoll. A lot well remain exclusive until that very night – but I will tell Stardoll Fashion Forward, exclusively this… A very exciting project will be announced during the bash. Until then, stay glamourous!”

Will you be there?

xoxo Emma


3 Responses to New Years Masquerade

  1. Tylerisbold says:

    It’s actually on a Tuesday, y’all!

    Thanks, Emma!

  2. Milena says:

    I hope I can make it as I’m a VIP too! But the party is on my birthday, so I have to see about that 🙂

  3. lollypop234 says:

    couldnt you just show up without being on the vip list? Great to see the blog back and running 🙂

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