Alexandra Knight Clutch

The very rare Alexandra Knight clutch has been released in the shop in Starplaza called Stardoll Achive, I personally do not own this clutch so I was overly happy to see it there. But for everyone else who payed lots of money, even real, I see the frustation it must give.

The clutch is the silver and black version, and the gold and black has yet not been seen, so my guess is it’s all we get, for now. It can be brought for only 5sd, but is a Superstar item.

Will Stardoll release more wanted Items such as these?

Probably so.


2 Responses to Alexandra Knight Clutch

  1. fakeshake3 says:

    Nah, this clutch has been released about 3 times before. Its the Gold clutch that is still called the Alexander Knight Clutch that is the rare one. I am mad they are releasing things people payed alot for. And think they get away with it because its going in an actual named shop now.

  2. mirty6 says:

    Well, stardoll in theory does not allow trading (aka selling things for more than 60 sd) and I believe it was even written somewhere in their rules, therefore I believe it’s normal for them to re-release any item they want.

    Remember that it’s you who decided to spend absurd amounts on “rare” items, not stardoll. They only “exclusive” thing that stardoll recognize is LE and antidote.

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