Get The Look + Info

Hi everyone, I know Lou normally does these post’s but I thought I might as well do one too. And I also have  a bit of info for you guys:

1) Remember our party comp.? Well our winner, fell ill, and I have not heard from her since. I will try to get some other parties going untill then, I already have one in mind 😉

2) The winner of our last dressing comp. will be posted soon, but because of finacial problems, you may have to wait a bit for your price.

3) I guess I should say sorry for the lack of post, and for the lack of featured users. But we are a bit busy, and all of us has schools to go to. But don’t worry, we do try our best to give you posts as ofent as possible. But I can’t promise something everyday.

Well back to the actual post:

Inspired by Celine

Skirt inspired by Celine – 7sd Stardoll

Rosa Cardigan – 4sd Pretty in Pink (prices vary in Starbazaar)

Tiffany top – 5sd Decades (prices vary in Starbazaar)

Ankle Band Sandal – 4sd Voile (prices vary in Starbazaar)

xoxo Emma


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