Today’s Outfit

So I didn’t make the post I promised yesterday, I am sorry. So to make it up to you guys I was gonna do two insted of just one, but honestly time is no friend of mine these days and I really couldn’t find more than one that I loved and I found worthy to show you guys. Will it help if I say that I have a major exam, that will have a big affect on at least the next 3 years of my life, coming up in less than a week? 😛

So my one special girl today (hehe) is Daria aka Daria139

Daria makes some of the most amazing suite outfits, I’m always a tad exicted everytime I go visit her suite. And she never fails to impress me. Her outfits are always a fine line between chic/elegant and egdy, and she always makes it work perfectly. She is truly amazing when it comes to making outfits with suite things. Not only this, but she is also a very nice girl, and an amazing friend, whom I’m lucky to have.


2 Responses to Today’s Outfit

  1. Avril14140 says:


  2. Daria139 says:

    Awhh, thank you SO much! 😀

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