Designer shoes?

So I’ve been noticing something. Ever since Manolo (Manolo.Dicicco) started his brand Dioguardi back in January (wow, is it only 3 months ago?! insane) there has been a wave of new designers. I remember having a conversation with Manolo, Charlotte and myself where Charlotte and I told Manolo to do something totally new insted of the blog he was planning to do. And that sure is what he did. And as a worker on his line I must say he’s really doing a lot of new stuff. You better be exicted.

So now that we have that settle, I’m going to move on with my post. As I said earlier a lot of new people will soon be releasing their own lines. And what I’ve kinda been noticing is that it has something to do with shoes? I mean, I get the point really. They wanna do something else than outfits, or maybe I’m all wrong and they are just using it as a spoiler. I’m thinking both.

First of all there’s a new shoe line coming up, owned by Ashantiboo. I’m not exactly sure if it has a brand name cause the spoiler does not say. But as far as I understand (if I’m not a complete idiot) the line is called “Desire” and it will come out during the summer. And am I the only one who is questioning the sentence “Shoes by Stardoll”?! I mean, did I read wrong somewhere? This doesn’t mean that these shoes will actually come to and we can buy them? Does it?!

Note: I’ve just been told that the brand/line, whichever, is called Desire.

Also, what I’m just guessing to be a brand will come out some time soon (summer maybe?). It’s called Wonderland of E, and it’s owned by vampire_. I’m just thinking that the spoiler has a shoe in it cause it looks good, if not, it’s beats me. Maybe it’s another shoe line?

Also I just got a mail from the brands owner which said: “It’s a clothes line, but the first collection will be called “First steps” and there’ll be shoes only. Maybe i’mm make some outfits too. And if my first collection is succesfull, then i’ll continue and make clothes too :>” Exicting right? Will you be waiting for this one?

No matter what, Stardoll seem to be having a bit of a shoe craze.


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