Diane Von Furstenberg Comes To Stardoll

As we predicted Stardoll has opened a Diane von Furstenberg shop. I must say, I’m quite impressed with Stardoll lately, first Chanel and now DVF. It almost outshadows the fact that Stardoll has been trying to get everysingle penny that they possibly could. First LE, which of course means that a lot of people, including yours truely, buy stardollars. And now, just for the rest of the month, you get dooble the amount of stardollars when you buy them. Hello, screaming give us your money! much?

So I’m wondering, these two probably go hand in hand. It doesn’t take that much brain to put these two together. Big brands like Chanel cost a lot to buy like this and how are stardoll going to pay back the money, and earn money? Get them from us of course.  So that brings me to the other thing I was going to talk about. Not only are they wanting us to buy stardollars, they are also raising the prices. I mean just look at the prices for Chanel and DVF. Something 40 for a dress, personally I think that’s a bit much. I thought a part of stardoll was about being able to buy designer stuff for about no money, but I guess that has changed.

To speak about the new shop, ha I guess went on a bit of a sidetrack, I really like it. I must admit after just chosing the few things that I liked, it gave 86sd, for just 4 items, two of them being small items. Ouch, that kinda hurt in my virtual purse. So much that I actually didn’t buy the things and desided I would think about it some more. But there’s nothing wrong with the clothing itself, just the price if you ask me.

xoxo Emma


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