This Is Not A Test

No really, it isn’t 😀 I just wanted to write a short post to introduce myself, I’m Cassandra and I’m a new writer here at SFF. Technically I’m not exactly ‘new’, because I’ve had this job for a couple months now, but I realized today that if I didn’t want to get fired, I better do some writing, right? You might want to know what it is exactly that I’m going to be doing here, because I asked myself that same question really, so I’ll tell you. Some of you might remember a post I did a while back on The Stardoll Freakshow where Lou and I put together a ‘Make It Or Fake It’ competition (don’t remember? You’ll find out what it is soon, keep checking back!) but due to obvious reasons we were never able to see that through. Well until now! I’ll also be doing loads of other competitions because well, I like competitions, so why not? I hope you all enjoy them as much as I enjoy putting them together and another huge THANK YOU to Lou and Emma for asking me to join their already amazing team 😀


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