Make It Or Fake It

So in my last post I let you know that we are going to have ‘Make It Or Fake It’ competitions as a regular part of this blog. At the beginning of every month SFF will present to you the look that you need to recreate, and not only will you be recreating the outfit, but the entire look, including makeup, hair, and accessories. You will always have two weeks from the day the look is posted to create your look except for this months, because well its already the middle of the month 🙂 So shall we get to it?

Here’s what you need to do:

Marchesa Resort 2011

Recreate the above look by using one of the following options:

  • Make it: use items from your suite, starplaza, minishop, wherever you choose to recreate the look on your medoll
  • Fake it: create a graphic of the look

Print screen your look, upload it to tinypic, and post the link with your username in comments.

Two winners (depending on which option you choose) will share a prize of 500 stardollars (one month SS membership for non SS winners)
This months competition ends Sunday July 25th
We will be judging the entries based on how well your look resembles Marchesa’s gorgeous creation, easy shapes with a lot of attitude, it doesn’t get any better than that 😀 But please keep in mind that it’s not just about the outfit but how the outfit is done, be creative and of course, have fun!


One Response to Make It Or Fake It

  1. xlostprophet says:

    I’m having a go at faking it (:
    Shall we do a close-up of the doll because I’m going to attempt the hair lol (:

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