About Us

SFF started out on the 10th July 2008, xLou26 and snapple2 made history with one of the most popular and successful blogs around. They were the first to bring you *Spoilers*, fashion updates and the usual stardoll gossip.

Their accolades include covergirls of teenstyle feb’09 and winners of the star awards special achievement award.

415,249 hits later…  xLou26 was back!

On November 26th 2009 Lou returned to Stardoll Fashion Forward. With X/Anonymous and MySecketLover, they started writting on the blog again. Bringing the famous blog back to life!

On March 13th 2010 Lou left Stardoll Fashion Forward, leaving MySecketLover, Emma, in charge.

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Thank You To Steelone For Making Our Main Banners.


52 Responses to About Us

  1. I would really like you guys to check out my person BACKHANDSPRING3 on stardoll and tell me what you think about my person and my suite!! It wold really be appreciated!! Thank you good bye

  2. Emily♥ says:

    this is a awesome site keep it up : ]

  3. Hannah!!!!! says:

    hdmgirl is my user on stardoll!

  4. Wow this is relly cool i like it i am cooly411!!

  5. Vanessa45687 says:

    Hey i really love this website!
    Even though i have only seen it yesterday and today, i am in love with it.♥

  6. Leisha says:

    Love this mag!I check it out everyday now!Oh, i have three SD accounts: godsprettyangel, kaylie132, and zeekybleeky

  7. iLUVJ0NAS says:

    Lou and Keisha, I love your mag! I wish you would write more, though!

  8. anivalg says:

    I really hate all of the repeated clothes coming out too. I guess stardoll is too damn lazy to make some new clothes. I also think some of the new dolls are lacking. The new hotbuys are overpriced and ugly, and I don’t see why stardoll thinks they’re so nice. It seems like lately, stardoll has been really retarded.

  9. anivalg says:

    By the way, love the magazine! =]

  10. lore says:

    wow really cool web site love it

  11. Heyy i am Abercrombie86
    please check out my page! and plz ask me to be friends! Thanks

  12. viiety says:

    stardoll account : viiety
    question : how can you know all that in advance ?
    comment : love th site!

  13. hotschoolgirl97 says:

    I Am A Huge Fanatic Of This Blog. I Think You Guys Do Great With The Writing And It’s So Fun To Read Your Work. I Appreciate Your Hard Work And KEEP R0CKIN’!!!!!!!!


  14. Yara says:

    I love this website/magazine!
    Its really cool to know all stardoll stuff before there happened..
    My account is peges

  15. Ms.V says:

    Hi I’m shadow_siren in Stardoll.
    I really enjoy reading this blog; now I’m always one step ahead, thanks to you.

  16. nb says:

    hey my id is naomi_b
    pls do come and for stardoll people i must say this is the best site ever and nothing else is as g8 as this

  17. .BrokenHeart. says:

    Hello! I Love you’r site! I’m from Holland 🙂 I can not speak well English so, anyway i want to say that Stardoll Fashion Forward is AMAZING!

    Love Nadia.
    .BrokenHeart. <- Stardoll NickName

  18. hey, i’m a BIG fan of your work! i’d love it if you checked out my site & gave me some feedback on it! keep up the fab work, xoxo.

  19. Awesome I’m not a fan I hate ur work! I know cheat and u don’t!

  20. Babii-Mariex says:

    Thank You Very Much For Putting Heidi And I’s Blog (sd-trendsetters.blogspot.com) Into Your Favourites! Your Blog Is Defiantly One Of Our Favourites. Keep Up The Great Work!

    — Marie oxox

  21. heey

    love this site it so great to now things already its fun thanks for making this site specialy for the stardoll fans

    bye bye

    charmed-onekim (name on stardoll)

    join my club if you visit my page it calls

    the stardolclub the club of stardoll

    see ya



  22. Cora11 says:

    this blog is the best i know!
    i am happy,that i found this blog,fabulous!
    u made it girls!

  23. emmaxxx says:

    I luv stardoll!!!! its my fav website and i luv the sceneries and album and being superstar and writing in guestbooks talking to all my m8s!!!! we luv stardoll so stay out of it!!!

  24. Cora11 says:

    and i liked your old layout,but your new layout is so much better

  25. SiSi says:

    I love youre blogg 🙂 ❤ and i love toyre spoilers so kan i ask a question? i coming from sweden, and i have a swedish blogg 🙂 so its it okey if a take youre spolier ?? becus on stardoll there is small girls and they cant andersand so much english so its i okey ?? love sisimys! ❤

  26. Awesome Site!
    Everytime before I long it to stardoll I check this! There’s always a new blog entry too, so there’s always something new!
    Check out my stardoll suite if you can!

  27. Emily(Emily-p) says:

    Love The Site, Hey i would love if you view my medoll and my album is great i love it plz view it if u get a minture

  28. lizzie1393 says:

    hi! i really love your blog! it’s amazing how you know what’s coming up on stardoll before everyone and it’s so helpful! =]

  29. Mushkaa says:

    Love it! I read it everyday… How to subscribe it?

  30. Hey guys, I love love love your blog…Ive been a follower for awhile. =)

    Anyways, I just started up a blog of my own (what can I say…too much free time haha) and I was hoping you could check it out. You know let me know what you think. Also…how does one go about getting a link on your fav blogs section? Besides being completely fabulous of course ;).

    Thanks guys.

  31. tamflet says:

    great blog, fabulous..

  32. Silverbear says:

    Pity BBB reasled the cheat,huh?

  33. iceriegot says:

    My name is Jessika!

  34. Jillian says:

    Hello! I’m Jillian.
    I enjoy your stardoll blog very much and i
    was wondering if my club WorthyCovergirl
    could be featured in your blog?
    Of Course you don’t have to, but i was just wondering.

  35. seasonalhotbuys says:

    I would Love too be featured here 😛

  36. MonkeyMezzie says:

    theres going to be a DKNY dress on new years eve
    or day i tink its gold with a black bow 🙂
    i can’t wait 😀 x

  37. x_sasha_x007 says:

    Hi girls, I just wanna ask u, if you dont know when will next DKNY collection arrive to starplaza.
    Thx so much, bye
    btw, i love this page! =)

  38. Jane Seymour says:

    […]Thanks for sharing your work with us! Your theme is just awesome![…]

  39. Helen says:

    I just love your blog! I love the idea that you publish all your favorite blogs, I found some really good ones here. I’d really appreciate if you took a look at mine 🙂


  40. Georgia says:

    Heyy 🙂

    Just wanted to say I love your site so far and im looking forward to seeing what else you can do with it in the future.
    I was wondering if you make any updates or changes could you please leave me a comment in my stardoll guest book?

    My user name is ice_skater2000.

    Please and thank you

    P.S visit my styling suites i think you might like them. Expecialy the DKNY one.

  41. cakokiss13 says:

    hellO! I’m cakokiss13 on stardoll..
    visit me plz! (: thanks

  42. omg i love this blog it is one of the best!

  43. Stardoll Paradise says:

    Hi! Could you please put mine too? Take a look 1st:


    Comment too please
    KISSES =)

  44. Lauren says:

    i only found this website today!

    i am going 2 add you all on Stardoll…!!

    so will you accept me my name is xoluxo…?

  45. Natasha says:

    Heeey im a big fan of this blog 😉

    I was wondering if you have any good experience in doing make up for medolls 😉 im not very good 😉

    If you want to help me jump onto my page and write in my guestbook 😉

    my stardoll name is ___.natasha.___

  46. lia says:

    love this site.. 😛

  47. 😀 😉 🙂 😛 :putnam:

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