Thank You!

Today Stardoll Fashion Forward became the fastest growing blog on We just want to thank all of you for visting our blog, it means a lot to us. We’re so grateful for all of you to welcomed us back so well.


Featuring realistic make-ups

StardollFashionForward is a blog which is always looking for interesting ideas to make stardoll funnier, a place full of creative people that isnt afraid of showing their bests.

One of these ideas is realistic make-up. I’ve always loved the way people combine colours to create impressive effects and make their medolls look unique.

Want examples of this?

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People like Style_Magazine started with realistic makeup before existing Sephora; Diva_Always (up right corner) was also one of the first in using different colours in her lips, like Ladycamille (down right corner) ; and others like msdavies2005 (down left corner), Dodence_bt, doinker_chic (up left corner) and the owner of SFF,  xLou26, have followed this trend by their own way to show other interesting results.

Now it’s your turn! Experiment with your makeup and show your best. Maybe you get featured in SFF someday!

Introducing Anonymous





Hello, everybody!  I’m the secret writer of SFF. And this, is my way to introduce myself!

Why anonymous you might ask? I’m not the kind of person who likes to stand in Stardoll for so much time. I dont really need nor want recognition for this, and, it’s very possible that I can’t log in this blog all the time. So I thought of covering my name and feel free to help with a few posts.

I would like to thank Lou for giving me the chance to colaborate with her blog. We got a good level of confidence! And that’s always nice to have.

Once I’ve said this, please don’t stop reading SFF, enjoying our news, spoilers and reviews! That’s all we can do to keep the true spirit of Stardoll, alive!

Bye-byee lovely readers!

Teen Style, Released

A couple of hours ago Teen Style was released! And it’s a great honour to say that it’s our very own Lou and Keisha that are the cover girls!


As you can see this issue is themed “Romance Issue” and the graphic are simlpy amazing. There’s cakes and candy, fashion and style, and of course lovely aticles. Selena and her team has surely done a great job  🙂

If you want to check out the magazine yourself, just click here.

xoxo Emma


Sorry. Lou and I have both been extremely busy with uni and school. We have had some time off for holidays, but we would rather spend it with family and friends and not the computer. Stardoll has been pretty uneventful lately, so not much to blog about. But the couture dresses are out!! And if I may say, they are awesome. My personal favorite is the gorgeous Valentino dress. What’s yours?


Once again, sorry for not updating but keep in mind we do have a life outside of Stardoll.


Thanks for all of you dedicated readers, and we hope you had/have a Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!



Ivory Magazine

We Promised xoxo-meg-j-m We Would Show A Sneak Peak Of Her Magazine, However Me And Snapple Forgot But It Has Been Released Tonight. Its A Great Start To A Magazine, And There Is Room For Improvrment Such As The Graphics. There Are Some Intresting Articles And A Highlights Of Fashion 2008 Article Which Includes Me And Keisha 😀


Done! – The Apocalipsis Issue

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Steelone Started Publishing The Amazing Apocalipsis Issue Of Done About A Week Ago, Its Full Of Stunning Graphics And Unique Articles, All Them Inspired In Mitology, Art And Fantasy. The CG Is Isabella.Arci, Who Will Be Featured In A Victoria’s Secret Angel/Royal Theme.

Be Sure To Check It Out, And There Is Much More To Come In This Issue (Sara Has Been Very Busy).