Have you noticed..? :D


A bazar with interior items!

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What do you think of having an interior items Bazar? Have you sold anything? Tell us!


Star Design Interior!!!

Wow! Thank You To .BrokenHeart. For Pointing This Out

StarDesign Interior

New Lips..

Well We Have Been Given A Lot Of New Features For Our MeDoll, Including Some New Lips That Look Similar To The Doll On The Join Now Page.

A Couple Of Days Ago After I Did The Article On False Advertising I Contacted Stardoll.

After Failing To See My Point Two Times I Replied Pointing Out Features That Were Different Including The Lips And Earrings Of The MeDoll On The Join Now Page. Stardoll Didnt Reply To That Message, But Maybe The New Lips Are A Reply Itself. :P.

What Do You Think Of The New Features And The Haloween Clothes?

Check the new hairstyles! :D



My lovely friend Mimi_Mami let me know about this.. There’re some new and amazing hairstyles in both sections, long and short.
Enjoy exploring! Most of them are from Paris Hilton and Princess dolls.
Opinions? (:

New Sceneries! Finally!! :D

We have new sceneries! The majority of them cost 1sd but I think they are worth it as they are all very interesting.  🙂


What do YOU think of the new sceneries?? Cool or boring??



——–Will add pics later——–

New Interior..

New Starplaza..

So They Have Given Us A New Starplaza.. I Think Its Quite Fabulous And Works A Lot Quicker Than The Old One. I Also Love The StarSparkle Layouts.. What Do You Think?