Must Buy Shoes

Last week I posted the DKNY clothes that were released, well they have finally released the shoes that go with the outfit and they are pretty darn fabulous. They are only $5 AND non-SS, couldn’t get better than that!

Here my mini-shop outfit archrival is doing an amazing job of showing them off, good work Mel.



This Is Not A Test

No really, it isn’t 😀 I just wanted to write a short post to introduce myself, I’m Cassandra and I’m a new writer here at SFF. Technically I’m not exactly ‘new’, because I’ve had this job for a couple months now, but I realized today that if I didn’t want to get fired, I better do some writing, right? You might want to know what it is exactly that I’m going to be doing here, because I asked myself that same question really, so I’ll tell you. Some of you might remember a post I did a while back on The Stardoll Freakshow where Lou and I put together a ‘Make It Or Fake It’ competition (don’t remember? You’ll find out what it is soon, keep checking back!) but due to obvious reasons we were never able to see that through. Well until now! I’ll also be doing loads of other competitions because well, I like competitions, so why not? I hope you all enjoy them as much as I enjoy putting them together and another huge THANK YOU to Lou and Emma for asking me to join their already amazing team 😀

Stardoll Still Loves DKNY..


Even though the DKNY shop may be gone forever, stardoll are still cranking out DKNY items. 

The res dress (sold as seperates) comes from DKNY Resort 2011 and is the only bright coloured outfit in the entire collection which is a little disappointing. The second outfit comes from Cacharel Resort 2011, the whole collection is a whirlwind of prints and colours which mainly consists of dresses.

(DKNY outfit comes to $25, Cacharel outfit comes to $24.)

Do you have what it takes?

As many of you probably know, I own Dioguardi Courture with Maggie (Findurlove). This of course, all happent after Manolo Di Cicco left stardoll, and there for leaving us in charge. But also, he left Dioguardi designer-less, a job Maggie and I are not good enough to take on. Which kinda sucks right? A so called fashion company, but without a designer, that’s kinda like.. nothing. Nothing I say! So yeah, as you can see I’m kinda fisked. But that is where you come in! IF you think you have what it takes to take on Manolo’s place and turn Dioguardi from it’s nothing to something, then all you gotta do is freaking draw!

Because we want to give everyone a chance, we’re having a little competition so to speak. All you really have to do is draw a pair of shoes, a bag and a dress. As simple as that, you choose how you want it to look. To enter simply draw the 3 drawings, on paper, scan them, and send it to our email, and you have untill July the 15th to enter. It’s as simple as that!

So if you feel like you might be just what we’re looking for, go enter our little competition and see if you have what it takes.

xoxo Emma

*UPDATE* I’ve left Dioguardi Couture as an owner, to read why, click here.

Opposites Attract


Wrap It Up – Classic Body Con

Delicately Draped


Both extreme opposites on the body form, but equally Fashion Forward.


D Magazine. LOST In Fashion

*Spoiler* Antidote