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The Stardoll Elite Awards + Party

Not long ago I got a link sent to me at skype, when clicking on this link, I was taken to this, kinda empty, blog. Well I think the big banner say it all. It is a new award “show”. So I can’t help of thinking “Oh another one?!”, but sure, they ain’t that many around right now, right? After Tyler stopped his The Freakshow Awards, I can only think of about two others awards that I’ve heard of.. or can remember. So I kept thinking, why do something that has been done before?! (Says the girl while typing on a stardoll based blog like any other stardollian)

So I asked the owner, Bruno (kxcatarinaxk), what made these awards special, and he told me that it was his categories that made it special than anything else we’ve seen so far. What the categories was though, he wouldn’t tell. But I can’t help of wonder, what makes these so special, I mean, there’s always a best medoll, a best male medoll, a best dressed ect. So what can he possibly have in mind to make it differently? Name them new names like Tyler did? It’s still the same thing.

Also, Bruno has made a promise that these awards will be made every month, which, if you ask me, seems a bit ridiculous. I mean, I for one know that you can never keep something up, so you should really stop making promises. Has a magazine really kept releasing every month?! (Recherche, dang it, stop messing up my point!) Has a blog really kept posting everyday as we always promise in the beginning? Has every award kept making a new award show every month?! I think not. Life happens, we get busy, we should face this fact, and stop giving promises we know we can never keep.

Other news is that a party is going to take place soon, and it’s going to be hosted by a very dear reader of this blog, Dei (To_Royal).

That’s all I had for now.

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Stardoll Style Diary


Stardoll Style Diary 

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Summer Party – Best Dressed List

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