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200,000+ Visits.. We Just Want To Say Thanks :D:D And We Hope You Keep Reading After All Thats Happened


Calender Gifts..


Marc Jacobs Pink Clutch – Released 23rd December $1

Jimmy Choo Oval Clutch – Released 21st December $1


Marc By Marc Jacobs Sequin Shoes – Released 19th December $1

Marc By Marc Jacobs Dress – Released 20th December $4


Erickson Beamon Cuff – Released 14th December $0


Kenneth Jay Lane Diamond Necklace – Released 16th December $1

Kenneth Jay Lane Hair Accessory (Is A Cuff In Real Life) – Released 17th December $1


Mochino Cheap And Chic Bow Dress – Released 22nd December $4

Miu Miu Sequin Bomber Jacket – Released 11th December $4

Anna Sui Sequin Shorts – Released 12th December $2


Sonia By Sonia Rykiel Printed Face T-Shirt – Released 8th December $3

Luella Pony T-Shirt – Released 2nd December $3


Alexander McQueen Shoes – Released 10th December $1


Rodarte Dress – Released 9th December $2

Holiday Gifts..

Here At Stardoll Fashion Forward We Are Uber Excited That Stardoll Is Giving Us A Fabulous Selection Of Gifts For The Holiday Season. When Me And Steelone Were Looking Through The Clothes, She Suggest That They Were Christmas Related But I Immediately Doubted That. Well Turns Out I Was Wrong And Stardoll Seems To Be In A Genourous Mood, Especially Since They Released The Clothes Yesterday For An Hour. A Habbit Stardoll Have Yet To Get Rid Of.. So Anyone Who Didnt Manage To Grab The Clothes Yesterday Like Me There Is Hope 😀

And Just To Clear This Up For Anyone Who Has Already Bought Items And Thinks They Will Be Given Away For Free In The Calender.. The Prices That You Bought Them For WILL Stay The Same In The Calender.

Anyway.. Onto The Fashion Side Of These Clothes.. As I Was Browsing Through Net-A-Porter I Came Across Some Of The Calender Items..


These Gorgeous Items Are From Miu Miu..

These Dates Are From My Sources And I Hope They Dont Let Me Down 😛

Dress – Released 5th December $4

Shoes – Released 3rd December $1

Clutch – Released 6th December $1

If Anyone Wants To Know The Rest Of The Release Dates So You Can Make Sure You Dont Miss An Item You Really Want Then Drop Me A Message On Stardoll.. Or I May Post A List On Here. However I Dont Want To Ruin The Suprise 😛 (Well Stardoll Kinda Did That Yesterday :D)

Gorgeous stuff :D


Me again, Steelone, posting some new stuff coming soon. The whole collection has very good quality and looks really nice, maybe too much for normal users. It might be a new RC, maybe a surprise of Stardoll? Tell us!


Step By Step Guide..

Everyone Seems To Be Having Trouble Verifying Emails And So On, So Heres A Step By Step Guide With Pictures To Help. I Did It And It Took About 2 Mins, You Just Need To Read Carefully.

Step 1

After You Have Created A New Email Adress Enter It On The “My Account” Page.


Step 2

On Your OLD Email Address, You Will Get A Message From Stardoll. You Need To Click On The Link Underlined For It To Verify.


Step 3

The Link Will Send You To A New Page And Will Show This…


Step 4

On Your NEW Email Address, Stardoll Wil Send You A Message With Annother Link. Click On The Link To Verify.


Step 5

Once Verified You Will Be Taken To This Page


After ONE Stardoll Day, Which Starts When There Is A New Covergirl, You Should Get The Email On Your NEW Email Address.

Gift Dresses..

Many Of You May Already Know How To Get The 4 Gift Dresses Through Changing Your Email Adresses Or Creating New Account. Well For Those Who Dont We Will Explain. Credit Goes To Stardoll Club Free.Stuff For Giving Out The Instructions.

1. Change Your Country To USA

2. Create A New Email Adress (Such As Hotmail, Yahoo. It HAS To Be Valid, No Fakes)

3. Change Your Email On Stardoll To The New One You Have Just Created, You Will However Need To Verify This Email Address On Your OLD Email And Then Again On Your New Email.

4. The Next “Stardoll” Day, The Email (NOT Dollmail) Will Arrive Asking You To Choose From 4 Dresses.

However, Some People Have Been Experiencing Problems When Having To Verify Email Addresses, If You Cannot Verify Your Email This Means You Do Not Recieve 1 Stardollar A Day So Be Careful.

If You Do Not Want To Get The Dresses This Way, You Can Also Make A New Stardoll Account And After 3 Days You Will Get The Same Email For The Dresses. If You Have Any Questions Then Contact Me On Stardoll 🙂


Alberta Ferretti.. Who Wore It Best?

Vote For Who You Think Wore It Best, Winner Gets A Gift Of Their Choice.


Talia-87 Also Has A Great Club Dedicated To The New Alberta Ferretti Collection, Its Called Philosophy. So Why Not Join :D.