**Spoiler** Tonights Clothes Release..

Orange Dress = Gift Dress?? Lol, Bracelet Belongs To Mary-Kate Stardoll Isnt Kind Enough To Give Us That.


Real Celeb Week..

Send A Friend Request To Mary-Kate To Get A Free Poster

Elizabeth And James..

I Didnt Actually Realise That The Majority Of The Mary-Kate And Ashley Clothes Are From Their Own Brand (Kinda Slow I Know).. So Why Do We Have The Worst MKA Shop In The Starplaza Possible. I Hope Stardoll Will See Sense And Make Elizabeth And James A Real Brand.

The REAL Mary-Kate Clothes..

*Update* Stardoll Beat Me To It.. They Are Already In Her Suite 😦

Let Us Know What You Think Of Them 🙂

I Have A HUGE Problem Literally, Stardoll Have Made The New Clothes Really Big So I Cant Post How I Normally Would. I Will Try My Best To Post You The New Clothes But They Are Going To Look Stupidly Huge Lol.

Voile Gift Update..

I Missed Out This Dress Whilst Posting About The New Gift Dresses. So Far We Were Given The Ugliest Out Of The Lot, Lets See When The Rest Pop Up 🙂

The Rumours Are True..

I Have Pictures Of Real Celeb Clothes That Havent Been Given To A RC Yet AND Decor That HASNT Been Released. Pics Will Be Put Up Soon So You Can Make Your Own Desicions On If They Are Connected To Mary-Kate Olsen 🙂


I Do Realise That These Clothes May Not Belong To Mary-Kate Or Ashley Olsen And By Posting These I Am Not Saying They 100% Are. My Friend Had A Suggestion They Belonged To Kate Moss, If Anyone Has Any Idea Of Who They Do Belong To Then Let Us Know Through Here Or Doll Mail. Some Of The Clothes Are Not What I Would Expect For The Olsens But Some Are, These Were Made A Couple Of Months Ago.

This Is The Decor That Was Made Earlier This Week, I Didnt Post This As I Thought They Were For Us And Would Be Released Soon After I Saw Them. As This Is Not The Case I Will Post Them Now.

As Always We Will Update You With Any Information And Pictures We Get So Keep Checking.

Lou & Keisha

New Doll And Clothes For The Olsen Twins?

Thank You To Bluegreen86 For The Stardoll Pic, It Looks Like A New Mary-Kate Olsen Doll And Clothes, SFF Will Keep You Updated. This Dress Is Vintage Lanvin, Very Fabulous 🙂